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No more production pawses!


A large, family-owned pet food manufacturer based in Northamptonshire, that makes natural, wholesome pet food with British ingredients, needed to expand its production line to keep ahead of growing demands – and that’s when the team called in Dura Pump.

THE CHALLENGESystem Design 41

To accommodate the new production line, they needed to expand into a new factory area. They needed a supply of fresh cold water in addition to the existing usage in their Plant.

The existing booster set was already struggling with the current load. The factory managers had noticed it peaking and underperforming during day-to-day use.


Our Dura Pump experts fitted the existing 3-pump set up with a flow meter, so they could figure out exactly the system’s full requirements.

Once we had analysed the company’s usage over a week, we could see clearly that this system was indeed already under sized even for what they were doing already. It would not cope with any additional demands. Our Technical Specifiers proposed an upgrade to a quad booster set, capable of dealing with both the current workload and the planned expansion.


With three pumps handling the flow, and a fourth on standby to deal with peaks in production, things began to run a lot smoother. The Dura Pump team carried out the installation on a weekend, minimising production downtime. This large factory expanded its production with plenty of fresh water flowing to the new production area. And dogs and cats around the country will carry on getting their breakfast. Now we say – that is something to wag your tail about.


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