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The perfect fit for this converted shoe factory

Dura Pump were called to attend a block of flats in a converted shoe factory. They needed someone to step in and find a resolution before complete failure occurred, which would subsequently affect all the residents in the building.


The old fixed speed booster set for these flats had begun to fail. Upon inspection, the pumps were found to be rusting up, in fact the control panel mounting stay had completely rusted through and collapsed. An entirely new system needed to be specified.


A new Grundfos Variable speed unit was specified and installed. A variable speed drive was the perfect solution for this project, as it would ensure the system supplies a constant pressure regardless of the flow demand. This means the lifetime of the pump would be extended, as each pump has a shorter operation time, saving on wear and tear and obviating the need to replace the main wearing parts.


Not only will the management prove greater reliability, the residents will experience better water pressure whilst also saving energy; a threefold win. The energy savings will also lead to less money being spent on electricity, and of course less spent on potential repairs.

Before                                         After

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