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Solving a wet wipe dilemma

A facilities company contacted Dura Pump regarding a housing estate with approximately 60 houses. They required our team to carry out a service on the pump station and to replace the cutter blades on the pump, however upon further inspection we discovered another pressing issue.


The company were receiving reports of persistent failure issues, and were having to attend the site once if not twice per week. Dura Pump were tasked with putting an end to these constant disruptions and to get to the root of the problem.


We carried out the required service and the replacement of the cutter blades, however while doing so we found the pump station to be heavily blocked with wet wipes and ragging. We recommended the system was vacuumed out, and they advised residents to stop flushing wet wipes.

We were called out to the site within 2 weeks as the high alarm was sounding. Again, we discovered the pumps completely blocked. Another 3 to 4 visits were required over a 6 to 8-week period, each time with the same issue occurring as residents continued to flush the wipes.

Whilst attending site for these call outs, we recommended upgrading the system and pumps. We checked the duty of the pumps and recommended a set of new vortex pumps with 80mm clear passage or solids handling capacity. This also called for a new control system to operate the new pumps. Due to the likelihood of continual blockages, the system required new NRV’s (non return valves).


Since this work has been carried out, we have not had to return to site. With reduced call out charges and reduced blockages, our client now has much happier residents! They are, of course, still required to maintain the system and have the tank cleaned out periodically to ensure there are no further blockages.

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