Pump Part for brewery equipment

New pump part keeps beer flowing

When it comes to making beer, everything has to be ‘just so’. The hops; the recipe; even each pump part: it’s a finely balanced process, and each step has to be precise to produce that perfect golden pint.

So, when a part in the pump equipment at a world-famous brewery failed, it was no small thing.

The pump-related challenge

The culprit was the brewery’s fabricated stainless steel pump housing. This is a critical piece of kit in the brewery process, and the risk of a production standstill was suddenly much higher. What’s more, replacing it typically results in long lead-times and a hefty bill. Not good news for a much loved, international business – nor for beer fans.

The solution – a replacement pump part

Thankfully, the brewery got Dura Pump involved. Having understood the gravity of the situation, we collected the pump and brought it back to our workshop, where our engineers quickly assessed the issue and the most reliable and cost-effective way of repairing it.

We removed the failed component (a broken flange) and crafted our own replacement from a piece of 316 stainless steel. This was then double welded – internally and externally – onto the volute, and machined to ensure it was a perfect fit.

The result – three times faster, at a third of the price

Our team got the pump back to the brewery three times faster than average, and for a third of the price. Their equipment now runs stronger than ever, and it wasn’t long before the risk was averted. Phew.

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