Pump repairs from a 24-hour team of experts

Pump Repairs

24-hour service from engineers with a huge range of experience

With a 24-hour service, help for the smallest to largest pump systems is never far away, to the same high specification as the most exacting manufacturer.

We currently operate in a tightly-controlled geographic area within the UK. This is so that we can consistently live up to our high standards of speed of response, and quality service provided by our own highly-trained, experienced and friendly pump engineers.

We have experience across a huge range of pump systems, and most types of organisation, and so have built a store of knowledge and parts supply partners, which will prove very valuable to your business.

We know how to ensure you experience minimum downtime during the repair. We will also advise you on how to increase efficiency and savings whenever we see it’s possible during the repair process.

We carry out all pump repairs on site where it’s possible. If not, we use our state-of-the-art workshop to get everything back up and running quickly and efficiently.

We repair your pumps to the same manufacturer’s specification as new pumps, saving you on the usually higher price of manufacturer repair costs.

We support this with a 12 month warranty on all complete pump repairs that we carry out.

Sometimes, an upgrade or even a replacement pump can cost less in the long term than a repair and we will always make this clear to you so you can decide on the best option for you.

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Pump installation from a team of skilled mechanical engineers

Pump installations

Pump installations from a team of highly skilled, friendly and efficient engineers

We offer installation across a huge variety of pumps and pump systems, and there are few industries and sectors we haven’t worked in; if it’s liquid you may be sure Dura Pump have the knowledge and experience. This includes process pumps, sewage pumps, packaged pump stations, booster sets, circulators and pressurisation sets.

Our pump installation service is completed when all the electrical and mechanical connections are made and the system is ready for commissioning.

Our pump installation service is available as a stand-alone offering; however most commonly installation is part of our complete offering of design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

This means that your organisation can have one port of call when it comes to your pumps, and you will be safe in the knowledge that we can handle it all.

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Pump system commissioning

Pump system commissioning

From a highly experienced team that cares about you and your organisation

As soon as the electricity supply is turned on and the mechanical connections completed, we will commission your pump system. Our experienced engineers carry out a complete check of the installation, ensuring it is built to specification, and above all is safe.

The next step in commissioning is to operate the system and to run tests to verify the way it is operating to sequence, and to ensure its overall function is sound.

We then provide a full installation and commissioning report and supply certifications as required.

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Energy Saving

Pump energy efficiency service from Dura Pump

Energy Saving

A free site survey could lead to significant financial savings

Our energy saving service is a comprehensive pump system package, designed to save you money by creating energy efficiencies, as well as reducing wear and tear on the pumps.

This starts with a free* site survey, during which our experienced pump consultant will take down details of your pumps, the way your system is set out, and the amount of time and money that is currently being expended on the system.

After the initial site survey, we work out whether or not we are able to benefit you by using our flow analysis software. This gives us the necessary pressures, friction loss, flow rate and load information we need, to study where energy is being lost in the water movement. This in turn allows us to let you know if your system is already as efficient and effective as possible, or to recommend ways to streamline your system to make it most effective in terms of energy usage and the kind of efficiency that reduces wear and tear on the pumps.

As a result of the diagnosis, we also identify duty points which are the most energy-efficient for your system, and look at whether or not an inverter drive will benefit your particular system.

If we are recommending that work will lead to efficiencies, you can expect 6-18 months’ payback on the investment. We provide you with a quotation for carrying out the work and our estimate of when payback will be achieved. Following your acceptance of the quotation we proceed with the installation of pumps and/or inverters. We install in a way that ensures all equipment works to its optimum performance. We work to minimise your downtime, because we know how important continuity is to all organisations.

By ensuring you have the correct pump, and where relevant, having it inverter-driven, you will benefit from energy consumption and wear and tear on the pumps.

Preventative maintenance and care keeps your system at full performance, and we offer a full service contract to give you complete peace of mind.

Find out more about inverter drives, also termed variable speed drives.


*Please call to check details of how to qualify for the free site survey – the number is 01604 648800 or email us

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