A free site survey could lead to significant energy-savings – and a free luxury hamper

Why do so many persons continue to pump money down the drain….sometimes it is almost literally?

Could you be making energy savings of 30-40% on your chiller pump systems?  Not only can we offer substantial energy savings, but in many cases on chiller systems, we can save water too.
We believe it’s highly likely, so we are offering you a free luxury hamper* with your quotation even if you don’t go ahead with any work. Pump systems used in commercial environments often waste a huge amount of energy, through common issues such as incorrect specification, or running constantly at full power when such capacity is rarely needed.

Injection moulding, food processing and manufacturing,


We visit thousands of sites every year. At the majority of them – regardless of sector – there is an opportunity to create significant energy-savings.
The payback is usually 6-18 months. Yet managers are unaware of the opportunity, or how to go about improvements.



All we ask is that you invite us to carry out a free site survey. We’ll have a quick chat with you beforehand, just to make sure we won’t be wasting your time.
Assuming we go ahead, our experienced engineering consultant will visit your site, to analyse your pumps; the way your system is set out; and the amount of time and money that is currently being expended on the system.

After the survey, we will use our flow analysis software to work out whether or not an energy-saving initiative would give a sufficiently good payback, to make it worth your while.*

In addition to our offer of luxury hamper, on acceptance of our quotation, we will provide you with a free red letter day – it will be your choice, enjoying a day out on the track or taking a break

Dura Pump’s team of friendly experts have been helping companies with their pumping systems for 10 years, and take pride in being able to support their customers at the same time as honouring their commitment to the environment.

*If it is, we will send you a full quotation along with the estimated payback time.  Along with the quote, we will thank you by sending you your free luxury hamper, whether or not you go ahead with the works.
If an energy-saving initiative is not viable, we will let you know, and you’ll have peace of mind.

*hampers can vary depending on the season.  This offer maybe withdrawn at anytime without notice.

Perhaps you are still not convinced…..take a look at our case studies, and see first hand how some of our clients saved £££s!


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