Keep everyone happy with Proserv Gold…

… a powerful new way of preventing building system failure

Dramatically increase your system reliability at an all-inclusive cost.

To be a successful building manager, ultimately you need to keep everyone happy.

You need to:

•Prevent inconvenience caused by system failures

•Control costs

That’s why we’ve introduced Proserv Gold, the most comprehensive, fixed-cost maintenance programme on the market. It’s the latest addition to our Proserv range of proactive maintenance plans.

Why Proserv ?

1. Proserv gives the right level of maintenance for your peace of mind

2. The way you maintain your pump systems will impact on the success of your business

3. Poor maintenance will mean you spend more than you need, and could even prove dangerous

4. Proactive maintenance will reduce energy consumption, save money and increase safety


Dura Pump’s range of Proserv maintenance contracts provides you with proactive pump maintenance across your business. We form a tailored plan to suit your ever-changing needs, using Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.


Choose a package from the Proserv maintenance range, and enjoy:

•Fixed costs for the level of maintenance you choose

•All repairs and replacements are included in Proserv Gold

•Reduced or no call-out charges depending on your contract level

•24/7 rapid response

•Remote monitoring and management with Proserv Gold & Silver

•Energy savings assessments

•24/7 technical support

•100% reliability so building users are never inconvenienced depending on your contract level


Here at Dura Pump we offer you Proserv, a range of maintenance choices, from the ultimate complete failure-prevention programme, to a basic service package.

Proserv exists to support you in the total prevention of pump system failure, at a fixed cost to suit your business needs.


The Proserv maintenance range

Proserv Contract LevelsGoldSilverBronzeDetails
Preventative maintenanceWe will recommend what's needed and how often, depending upon your site(s) and equipment
24/7 Technical supportWith Proserv Gold, all technical support is proactive, so we will know about issues before you do. You are highly unlikely to need to telephone our support team. For other levels, telephone support from our expert team helps resolve issues quickly.
Health check/electrical serviceWe regularly attend site(s) and carry out a visual check on all pumps including heating and chiller pumps. All replacements and repairs we deem necessary are included in Proserv Gold. With Proserv Silver we make recommendations on our reported findings.
Energy SavingWe assess all of your pump systems at least annually and make recommendations on where you could save energy.
Remote monitoring. SMS alertsWe prevent potential issues by resolving them before they impact on the people using your building.
Emergency calloutsIn the event of a failure (which could be caused by unforeseen events such as storms) we will respond immediately if it is impacting on those using the building, and in a timely manner if the impact is minimal. With Gold you gain unlimited call outs, with Silver, an agreed number of call outs per annum
Planned upgradesAt the start of the contract we will agree on what equipment will be upgraded during the course of the contract.
Asset managementA comprehensive management system containing service reports, certificates, asset history, location, details, photos.
Repairs and replacementsEven with the best system design, parts will wear. With Proserv Gold, we will repair your plant, or replace it within the fixed cost of the contract.

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Proserv Gold

Proserv Gold

The top level of cover for your needs from Dura Pump

Every single dilemma resolved at a fixed, all-inclusive cost? Yes, if you have responsibility for managing buildings, Proserv Gold is the maintenance contract of your dreams.
Proserv Gold gives you a way of monitoring, maintaining, repairing and replacing your pumps so that there is never a failure that tangibly affects those using your building.
Every aspect is delivered at a fixed, affordable, all-inclusive cost, with absolutely no hidden extras, leaving you in total control of the budget.

Proserv Gold is the ultimate package giving you:

• A full system health check to map out future total reliability
• A fixed cost which includes:
– Regular equipment servicing and maintenance, to prevent problems in the first place
– Planned equipment upgrades in scheduled downtime, to keep your production levels high

– Repairs or replacements to any pumps or inverters

– An accurate register of assets covered by the contract

– Our energy-saving process to identify key areas for greater economies in usage, saving you money and improving your green credentials

– Technical support line available 24/7, so you’re never left high and dry

– Unlimited emergency call-outs

– Remote monitoring, so we can spot and solve problems before you’re even aware of them
The Proserv Gold contract is available with flexible payment terms, fitting in with your budgeting


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Proserv Silver

Proserv Silver 

A high level of cover for increased system reliability and potential cost savings

Proserv Silver gives you a similar level of cover to Gold, without the insurance of fixed cost repair and replacement.
You gain all the benefits of preventative maintenance which identify potential issues before they impact on those using your building:
• A full system health-check to map out your problem-prevention programme
• Our energy-saving process to identify key areas for greater economies in usage, saving you money and improving your green credentials
• Remote monitoring, so we can spot and solve problems before you’re even aware of them
• A fixed number of planned maintenance visits per year
• 24/7 technical support from experienced engineers who care
• An agreed number of emergency call-outs per annum are included; additional call-outs are charged as extra
You gain the information you need to make maintenance decisions, such as when to pay for upgrades or repairs and parts, or a regular health check or energy-saving service which saves money as well as reducing wear and tear on the pumps.

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Proserv Bronze

Proserv Bronze 

Preventative maintenance to suit your level of risk

Proserv Bronze ensures your system is operating on full performance by:

  • Identifying potential issues with our full system health-check
  • An agreed number of planned maintenance visits each year
  • Warning of any issues and advice on how to proceed, so you can make informed purchasing decisions
  • Access to 24/7 technical support from experienced engineers who care



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