Repair or Replace your heating pump?

Five Pump key factors

How old is your heating pump?

The age and type of industrial pump in operation is a serious consideration when it comes to assessing whether to replace or maintain an existing system. An older heating pump system is not going to be as efficient or as reliable as a newer model with up-to-date, state of the art technology.

Pump systems are improving all the time and have come a long way in the last few years, with newer models on the market offering much greener and more energy-efficient solutions for an operator or facility manager.  It’s well worth talking to a pump specialist to find out more about assessing the efficiency of an older pump system.

The pump’s runtime

If the pump system has been in operation for a number of years and has clocked up many hours of runtime, the installation may well not be working efficiently.

By analysing the ongoing and existing costs associated with maintenance, repairs and downtime, and comparing them with the costs and savings associated with the installation of a new energy-efficient system, you can make a clear decision for the future of a pump system be determined.  Invite us for a free* site visit, and we will be able to advise you.

More repairs = less efficiency

If your heating pump system has already been repaired, possibly more than once, it may be time to look into the cost-effectiveness of further upkeep versus replacing the pumps.  The more repairs, the less efficient the pump system. As experts in the world of pump systems, we at Dura Pump are always on hand to help and provide free advice to take the weight off your shoulders and our free* site visit will be helpful.

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Heating Pump failures

If you feel your pump system is not offering the Return on Investment (ROI) you had been promised and you have experienced regular pump failures don’t be afraid to contact the supplier – the problem may be covered under a warranty agreement.  Alternatively, you can turn to us to ask for advice or a site survey. You may find out that your pump has not been installed correctly which is the cause behind the ongoing issues and reduced efficiency.

Pump System Downtime or disruption

A new installation is going to mean some down-time and disruption; when would this be less impactful? If you need to schedule it in, then an emergency repair to tide you over is the best bet.

Naturally, if a pump system does not have a back-up and provides a critical function, it will need to be either repaired or replaced within a very short period of time – make sure you deal with pump experts who can offer a 24-hour service, and will do the job quickly and effectively.  At Dura Pump we know that your time is hugely valuable.

Whilst planning a new pump installation it’s worth noting that not all pump systems are kept in stock, so allow plenty of lead time not only for research and surveys but also for delivery.  A site survey by engineers is imperative to ascertain the best route forward with an installation. You don’t want to discover that the pump you have ordered doesn’t fit in the required space. It’s an easy mistake to make when there are so many other considerations – another reason to deal with professionals when it comes to pumps.

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