energy loss from water leak of main supply water pipe

How to resolve persistent pump failures

The best form of attack is defence, so the first thing you should be thinking about after a pump fault attacks your production process is how you could have defended yourself.


If you just look at the surface of the failure in an attempt to repair the immediate damage but don’t investigate why the failure occurred you are at a serious risk of the failure occurring again. This can lead to wasting a large amount of money on constantly repairing the pump system. It may take longer and cost more to repair in the short term, but in the long term, you will save time and money because you only had to repair the pump once.


Dura Pump always looks for the core root of a pump failure instead of just repairing the outcome of the issue. For example, Dura Pump solved a borehole pump problem at Luton Sixth Form college with this philosophy in mind. The considerable cost had been incurred replacing a pump four times in just five years. A failed pump doesn’t always need to be replaced, in some circumstances it can be repaired, see our guide on ‘How do you know whether to repair or replace a broken pump?’ to learn more.


After we completed a full analysis of the failure we were able to provide the correct guidance and specification to make sure the pump wouldn’t continue to fail. The way forward was agreed and work carried out, as a result, the issues were resolved and further unnecessary costs were prevented, resulting in a satisfied customer.


To truly resolve persistent pump failures a proactive approach is required. Consistent maintenance on your pump systems can prevent failures from ever happening to keep your pump systems up and running for their full life expectancy and beyond. Regular maintenance is also very likely to save you hundreds or thousands of pounds in unexpected repair costs. See our guide on ‘Why should I maintain my pump system?’ to learn more.


We have worked with a retail park that had spent over £140,000 in 18 months maintaining and servicing pumps before properly reviewing them. Our team rebuilt the eight pump stations and included remote monitoring enabling them to be proactive. The customer now spends only £17,500 per annum on maintenance and has experienced no pump failures. Combined with regular service visits, our engineers obviated the problems which otherwise would have caused serious damage to the pumps.


So what’s the direct solution? The best way to dramatically increase your system reliability at an all-inclusive cost is Proserv. Proserv is Dura Pump’s maintenance service, available in three levels of cover to suit the level of maintenance you require. Proserv will help you keep your pumps up and running, reduce energy consumption, save money and increase safety.


Experiencing persistent pump failures? Contact the Dura Pump team! Give us a ring on 01604 648 800, email us at or fill in our online enquiry form.

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