The worse may be yet to come with cold weather breakdowns

With one of the warmest festive seasons on record in the UK, this year the winter has been extremely mild so far. But in recent years the worse of the winter weather has started after Christmas in January and February. Cold weather has the potential to cause critical problems to heating systems both commercial and private, as they struggle to cope with increased demand.

Bradley Ford, Manager at Dura Pump explains, “A leaking system might last a few weeks before eventually failing, but it is best not to wait until there is an emergency situation before taking steps to fix it.

“We’ve already dealt with many heating problems this winter; we had an emergency call out to a hospital where we were able to get the heating back up and running within 24 hours, at a site which was three hours away from our head office. Although we were able to carry out a repair on site we had sourced a spare pump should they have needed it.”

If buildings do not reach minimum temperature requirements set by the government, they may have to close. Guidance from the House of Commons Library and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) recommends temperatures in accordance with activity levels.

For example, temperatures range from 13°C in factories where heavy work is carried out, to 18°C in places like classrooms and hospitals and even 21°C for rooms with lower than normal levels of activity such as sick rooms.

Bradley continues, “We can carry out rapid replacement services and if needed can put in temporary measures to keep you up and running.”


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