Building Managers could save 66% energy on pump systems

Posted On Posted on 28th April, 2017 by Dura Pump
energy saving pump systems

We’re highlighting an effective way for Building and Facilities Managers to make potentially huge energy savings.

Our latest information details several facts related to the consumption of energy for pump systems, most notably that two out of three pumps are wasting energy, meaning that up to 66% of those in charge of building systems could save energy.

It is not uncommon for our team to carry out a site survey and find that the process being performed by a set of two or three pumps can actually be done by just one.

Similarly, the motor power output is often much higher than needed, for example at Glazpart; we helped them by replacing two 51 Kw pump running at full speed, with two 30 Kw pumps with suitable controls to run as needed.

In efforts to reduce global warming, saving energy is now a key focus for governments across the world, as illustrated in legislation such as the IE3 motor directive. Pumps currently account for 20% of Europe’s total electricity consumption.

To help businesses become more efficient, here at Dura Pump, we offer free energy saving site surveys to assess the needs of the system and make recommendations.

Most companies do not realise that savings can be made until a problem is apparent. For example, commercial property advisors, CBRE contacted us when its cold-water booster sets failed at the prestigious Oracle headquarters.

After analysing the system, we recommended a cost-effective total replacement, crucially reducing the number of pumps from four to three and reducing the motor size too.

Saving energy is one of our key priorities, so we’ll always pick up on systems that are unnecessarily wasting power and water. One of the best parts of the upgrades we make is that the cost of the work can be paid back in energy savings in as little as six months.

It is hard for some to understand that while a pump may be providing you with constant water pressure or consistent heating, they can be wasting just as much of your money.


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