Bespoke Wastewater System for Electronic Chip Manufacturer

The Challenge

Dura Pump were approached by a leading electronic chip manufacturing company who were in need of an upgraded wastewater system within their laboratory. This was due to the fact that acid could easily enter their wastewater system.

As the system wasn’t bunded and as waste was stored inside the building, a health and safety professional highlighted this as a potential hazard in the event of a spillage in the system.

Due to the weaknesses in their previous system and their required flow, it was quickly realised that a standard pump system wouldn’t meet the clients’ need.

Old waste water pump system


Our Solutions

After our team was approached by the client, the Dura Pump team quickly got to work designing a bespoke dual pump system to store the water before discharging it through bunded pipework to an IBC outside of the building.

To start, we installed leak detection in the IBC bund; level control in the IBC (to provide a warning if the system became full) and high level back to the internal control panel. The control panel would also inhibit the pumps from running in the event of a high level.

The pump system itself was manufactured using magnetic drive sealless pumps and a 200L tank, which were prefabricated into a plastic bund. This was pre-assembled and tested before the Dura Pump team attended the site. Within the 200L tank there were float switches to control the level and automatically stop and start the pumps. The bund was designed to hold the contents of the tank should it leak.

For this project, we carried out the initial consultation on site, and the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the system on site.


The Results

The pump system now automatically transfers the wastewater from inside to outside and provides an early warning if the IBC needs to be swapped.

Additionally, if the IBC is not swapped and reaches a high level, it will prevent the pumps from running. This means that it meets the site’s health and safety requirements and provides a safe transfer of waste to the outside of the building.

Newly installed dual filtered waste water pump

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