Chicken processing plant required a pump station to improve its operation

The Challenge

The existing waste holding unit in a chicken processing unit regularly experienced layers of debris on the top across the surface of the water. This debris would form a very thick and obstructive crust.

The waste dispelled into the tank was unscreened and contained animal waste and offal. As the crust from these by products built up, it would set quickly and form a substance as hard as concrete! The crust could only be removed by tankers that used powerful suction to remove the waste from the pit.

Over time, the unit and repetitive servicing became very costly to have cleaned as it required external tanker visits and sometimes led to confined space entry to break up the crust to get the tank clean.

The Solution

The solution was to provide and install a package pump station into the ground to replace the existing tank. The tank was supplied with twin pumps and an agitator to keep the waste in motion to prevent settlement which stops the crust from forming.

The tank was manufactured from GRP with additional benching to the base of the tank to assist with the agitation. Now the waste moves constantly at a sufficient rate so that the crust can’t form. With the assistance of Rotomec RS submersible pumps with a 95mm clear passage and 100mm discharge pipework, the waste can be effectively pumped to the next process (a screening device) which will allow the waste to be processed and disposed of.


The results are simple: No more thick crust and the addition of some extra pump station kit to the waste disposal jigsaw puzzle now means that the waste can effectively be pumped and disposed of! By offering a comprehensive and intelligent solution, the Dura Pump solution has removed the need for expensive tankers to clean away thick crust and hazardous confined space entry. With regular servicing and maintenance, this simple but effective system will provide this client with years of effective waste disposal.

Not only was the system designed to be effective in waste disposal but it is also highly energy efficient. To reduce energy costs, the system is fully controlled by ultrasonic level control and the pumps are inverter driven to ensure maximum efficiency. Overall this system is a win-win solution.


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