Chiller Pumps Boost Efficiency At A Plastic Moulding Company

The Challenge

Here at Dura Pump, there’s nothing we love more than a challenge. Earlier this year, we were given a unique opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of our pump range when we were approached by a major plastic moulding company based in the UK.

Following initial consultations with the plastic moulding company, Dura Pump were tasked with providing a cooling system for their busy production line. Given the company’s fast-paced operations and tight production schedules, it was imperative that the system was identified, delivered and installed at a rapid pace.

For the team at Dura Pump, the challenge was clear: this plastic moulding company required a durable and effective chiller pump that could contribute towards their factory process. We were happy to help!

Our Solutions

Once the consultation stage was completed, the Dura Pump team mobilised to get the job done. As with all projects, this began with a detailed specification process, with our experts working with the plastic moulding company to identify the best possible solution. Whilst the chiller pump had to provide energy efficiency benefits, it also had to offer significant durability and reliability.

After identifying the customer’s needs, the Dura Pump team specified an KSB Etabloc Chiller Pump. This unique solution is remarkably simple to use and is used widely thanks to its ability to overcome resistance in the pipework and valves, lifting water out of the hot or cold well and pushing it through the chiller unit for rapid cooling.

Our team attended the customer’s business premises, delivering the KSB chiller pump and carrying out all installation duties within a short time scale.

The Results

Dura Pump were proud to add the plastic moulding company project to a long list of success stories throughout 2021. Our expert advice and comprehensive product selection allowed the company to enjoy significant benefits:

Increased efficiency
The KSB Etabloc Chiller Pump allowed the plastic moulding company to enjoy big reductions in energy consumption. The experimentally-verified hydraulic design of impellers within the system guaranteed immediate savings, with further efficiency granted by trimming the impeller diameter to match the specified duty point. Furthermore, the customer enjoyed lower costs through compliance with future requirements of Commission Regulation 547/2012.

Increased reliability
In a fast-paced production environment, reliability in pump systems is an absolute necessity. The system’s confined casing gasket ensures reliable casing in the most challenging of conditions. Furthermore, the chiller pump’s characteristics ensure good suction performance, helping the customer proceed with more confidence than ever.

Reduced noise
Noise pollution is a concern across all areas of industry. Dura Pump helped the plastic moulding company reduce their impact with their new pump system thanks to its low vibration levels and excellent smooth-running features.

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