Concrete Ring Pump Station for a Farm in Crisis

The Challenge

Our client, a sustainable farming and land management company contacted us following a waste tank collapse on their piggery. The problem was two-fold: we needed to install a new, robust pump station, as well as providing a pumping solution capable of transporting the waste slurry and storm water to a lagoon that was 1200m away from the site. 

Our Solution

Following our initial assessment, Dura Pump consultants identified that a concrete ring pump station would be the strongest, most effective solution for creating a strong foundation that drastically reduced the risk of future collapse. The pump system included:

  • All pumps
  • Guide rails
  • Control Panel 
  • All connections to the rising main 

To support this system, we also installed a radar level control system which utilises the GSM telemetry system for water monitoring. Another essential feature of the project was the introduction of a return flushing system which allows the tank to be agitated; this was completed with custom, fusion-welded MDPE pipework.

Like all our projects, we took care of every aspect of the work, including the installation of a protective kiosk for the control panel which was installed outside. Keeping this equipment in a sheltered environment will prolong its lifespan and ensure it doesn’t fail due to weather conditions.

Once we had completed the installation of the tank, custom pipework, valves and control panel and all other protective measures, we successfully connected the new and improved system to the rising main and the project was complete. 

The Results 

The project was a resounding success from start to finish. The upgraded pump system enabled the efficient transfer of slurry from the farm to the lagoon: providing ease and a huge sigh of relief to our client in crisis. 

With the GSM monitoring system now in place, our customer can rest assured that if any faults should occur, they’ll receive a text or email as soon as the issue arises. Not only did we solve the problem, we provided a future-proof, enhanced solution that will prevent such an issue occurring again a massive success!

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