Cooling system solution keeps customer on track

The Challenge

At Dura Pump, we know that our customers want solutions they can trust in timeframes that suit them. The customer that contacted our team required a twin pump booster system duty/standby with a duty of 50m3/h at 3.5 bar per pump. They also needed the system to have a strainer, an NRV and valves.

The customer’s specification also required a 2” air-operated diaphragm pump, made of aluminium material with buna wetting parts. In the event of power failure, this would act as a backup pump for the above-mentioned system that Dura Pump were also designing.

As the customer needed the new system and pumps in a short amount of time, our team knew we had to provide a solution that offered quick and easy site installation.

Our Solution

The system was initially designed and full CAD drawings were provided to ensure it met the requirements and the customer’s needs. Once the customer agreed on the drawings, the system was fabricated to create a twin pump booster set with a 2″ diaphragm pump to provide continuous water supply to furnaces.

The key system components included…

  • Lowara 46SV multi-stage three-phase 11 kW pumps coupled in parallel. Duty/Standby
  • 2″ ATEX-rated aluminium diaphragm pump
  • Stainless steel discharge and suction manifolds
  • Non-return valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Strainers
  • Gauges
  • Test points
  • Pressure relief valves

To reduce time and labour on-site, all components were mounted and preassembled to a stainless steel skid frame. Once the system was delivered to the site, the installation was quick and easy.

The Results

The system was delivered to the site as a “plug and play” unit, ready for power and water connections.

A package pump system, delivered to site, ready for installation – From design to delivery, ensuring your pump system installations are easy and effortless, with ultimate reliability.

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