Dewatering Pump Replacement For A Logistics Company

The Challenge

Earlier in 2021, Dura Pump was called upon by a leading logistics company based in the UK. Boasting a fleet in excess of 240 vehicles and operating with storage capacity of 236,000 sq ft, the large company encountered problems following the failure of one of their existing dewatering pumps.

The dewatering pump was located inside a storm pit within the premises of the business. The failure of the dewatering pump caused the storm pit to rapidly fill up with water, with the company facing challenges in how to empty it. This issue demanded urgent attention and immediate action, including the ordering and installation of a replacement dewatering pump.

Following initial conversations between Dura Pump and the company, the challenge was clear: they needed a replacement pump, fast.

Our Solution

Our engineers attended the site to deal with a breakdown, and it became clear that the system had reached the end of its life. The system itself was no longer economically viable to continue repairing and a complete replacement would be the most effective solution.

After assessing the demands of the hospital, our engineers supplied and installed a new floor-standing twin-pump Flamco Flexfiller 225D pressurisation set. These units are ideal for commercial or industrial applications and come with a built-in 18-litre break tank. The compact design and totally enclosed digital pressurisation units with electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly microprocessor make it the perfect solution for the busy hospital.

The Results

The fast responses of the Dura Pump team helped the logistics company in avoiding a highly-damaging flood situation.

Putting flexibility for the customer first, we provided the company with the option of either same-day or next-day delivery for their new Tsurumi Dewatering Pump system. The customer opted for next-day delivery, allowing Dura Pump to organise early morning delivery to ensure they experienced as little downtime and flooding risk as possible.

Once again, Dura Pump lived up to its mantra: ‘Performance Under Pressure’. We were delighted to fulfill the customer’s needs, helping them return to normality in a matter of hours.

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