High-Temperature Pump Keeps Large Manufacturer In Operation

The Challenge

The Dura Pump team were contacted for their expertise when the largest British-owned crisp manufacturer suffered a pump outage at their production plant in Corby, Northamptonshire. Across the multiple sites, the company creates over 5 million packs of crisps a day and maintaining quality, hygiene standards and output quantity is essential.

The pump that suffered the outage was an old and obsolete high-temperature pump responsible for pumping hot oil. The frying stage is an indispensable part of the process and the company needed a fast and reliable solution to keep everything working as it should to the quality their customers expect.

Our Solution

The Dura Pump team attended the manufacturing site and inspected the pump that was currently part of the system. By assessing the system and demands of the business, we could correctly specify a new KSB Etanorm SYT 7.5 kW high-temperature pump. The KSB Etanorm pump volute casings are designed to pump liquids of high temperatures of 120°C and up.

The pump is fitted with the KSB SuPremE® magnet-less motor, which is highly efficient and reliable and will beneficially support the production line. The pump was supplied to the customer, and their own on-site engineers installed the unit into their production line.

The Results

Dura Pump offered a solution that would keep the production line operational and prevent any significant downtime or issues for the company’s output. The new pump is also much more efficient than the obsolete model the product line had been using previously and the KSB system will provide great energy savings and the security the manufacturer needs to have years of seamless running.

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