Incorrect pump station leads to costly breakdowns and upgrades

Posted On Project completed on 25 July 2021

The Challenge

A large high school in Suffolk had recently installed a pump station to pump away their foul and wastewater. Once the daily routine at the school had begun they found that they were constantly suffering blockages, tripped pumps resulting in high-level alarms. This resulted in expensive call-out costs and tankering to dispose of the waste, which led to thousands of pounds.

The new system that had been specified did not meet the requirements or the needs of the property and hadn’t sufficiently accounted for the demands of the building users.

The pump station that was installed was running two single-phase pumps on 50mm pipework trying to remove the waste from a large high school!

The result was costly. The pump station was causing repetitive issues, costly breakdowns, and the environmental and health impact would be difficult to calculate.

Our Solution

Dura Pump were contacted for advice and to provide a solution to resolve the pressing issue of continually blocked pumps and having to get tankers in to get rid of their waste.

The original pumps, pipework and controls were not up to the job.

We removed all the existing components within the pump station (pit), including the existing pumps, guide rails, guide rail brackets, pipework, valves, float switch and pump stools.

The pump station (pit) was rebuilt with correctly specified components, this included Landia 2.2 kW 400 V submersible macerator pumps, control panel, float switches, guide rails and pipework, all of higher quality and size to meet the demands of the site and its users.

The two pumps we installed are designed to chop up any debris that entered the pit small enough to then be discharged up the 65mm rising main, therefore reducing costly blockages.

The Results

No more blockages and breakdowns for the high school! Most importantly, there’s now a very happy customer and a vastly improved building user experience.

The initial saving of installing an incorrectly specified pump station from the outset, to save a few thousand pounds, cost the customer thousands of pounds in breakdowns. Furthermore, there were additional costs to upgrade the system to meet the correct requirements! The old saying we all remember: “The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low cost”.

Dura Pump from the outset provides reliable pumping systems to meet the demand of the user. Dura Pump is a fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.

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