Nottingham Community Housing Association

The Challenge

When NCHA approached Dura Pump in January 2017, it was looking for a reliable fix to its long-term pump system issues and a more cost-effective alternative to its current provider. NCHA encountered problems when it discovered a fixed speed booster set had failed. The issue was that when the system pressure registered as low, all four pumps would switch on and run and full speed.

This uncontrolled and unexpected pressure eventually wore the system down and caused the top of the equipment to burst and the manifolds to split. The pipework was not designed to cope with the pressure of this kind. Unfortunately for NCHA, this caused water damage to flats and left residents unhappy with an inconsistent water supply. The situation culminated when NCHA had to supply bottled drinking water to tenants over the Christmas period when the existing service provider took too long to respond. Dura Pump was called to provide an alternative price and service for installing a second booster set in the event of another system failure.

Our Solution

When we were asked to tender for the work and our team carried out a site inspection, the pre-proposed solution seemed like an expensive option which could lead to further issues and maintenance. Most importantly, our team were concerned about the risk of legionella building up when using two full booster sets.

We, therefore, offered an alternative option, and with a full review, we recommended to upgrade the existing booster set and installing variable speed drives so that the pumps would be controlled by the system requirements and deliver a consistent pressure. We also recommended that we upgrade the manifold to heavy-duty stainless steel and that all the threaded valves were upgraded to flanged connections for easy maintenance.

The results

We were pleased to carry out the upgrades for the NCHA to help all the residents have reliable water supply and peace of mind. NCHA can now provide better care to its tenants with consistent water pressure.

The upgrades we carried out have resulted in water and energy savings because the system only uses the water and energy it needs, which has a positive impact on both running costs and the environment. With the new inverter controls, there will be less wear and tear and we have also made sure a standby pump is in place, should there be any further emergencies.

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