Dealing With Fat In a NHS Hospital

The Challenge

The Dura Pump team was contacted by an NHS hospital to see if our experienced engineers could repair an issue with a pump in one of their pump stations. Our team attended the site and after a short assessment, we realised that a large issue had developed with fat. The large layer of fat that covered the top of their wastewater/sewage tank was about 2 feet thick and was causing a significant issue for the hospital.

Leaving the issue unresolved would lead to bigger problems, such as risk to the watercourse or full pump failure that would be potentially debilitating for the site. We, therefore, had to resolve the issue as soon as we could. One method of fat removal would have been to use tankers. However, this presented a unique issue of its own: we would have had to park the tanker on the emergency ramp and there was no way we could have stayed there for a prolonged time. Using tankers would be a short-term solution to a large ongoing issue, and if the pumps had failed, the hospital could be under pressure to close until they were repaired.

Our Solution

As using tankers was out of the question, our team had to come up with an alternative solution. We decided to use a submersible aerator and a chopper pump to remove the fat. Our engineers attended the site and installed a Landia wastewater aeration pump to aerate the waste and break down the fat. As the pump was capable of breaking its way through the fat, we were able to leave it to run and break down the thick layer by itself.

Once the pump worked through the fat layer, more air was added to the water and the pumps could work more efficiently. This process continues to break the fat down further as it’s worked by the air in the water that creates an environment for the bacteria to grow. It is also broken down by the movement in the water. Circulating water through the pump meant it could be chopped up so that the main pumps find it easier to pump away the waste, resolving the issue of their pumps getting broken in the first place.

The Results

Our team resolved the issue effectively and with little disruption to the hospital. By breaking down the fat and removing all the waste without a tanker, there was no problem with disturbing services. The aeration system is now in place as a permanent arrangement to keep the system aerated to stop the build-up of fat from occurring again. Our solution guarantees long-term reliability and will help the efficiency of the hospital’s pumps going forward.

Installing this system has saved them time and money in the short term and it will continue to save them time and money in the long term, not having to sort a large issue like this again if they keep the aerator pump running. Another brilliant solution found and applied by Dura Pump.

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