Reliable Cutter Pumps for a New Housing Development

Display of new Landia submersible pump

The Challenge

Dura Pump was approached by a client who was working in property management across a new housing development based in the UK, which included an installed pump station. Having passed the warranty period, the Dura Pump team were asked to assess the new system having previously carried our regular preventive maintenance work on their other sites.

Over our time working with this customer, it quickly became apparent that we were receiving regular calls due to high level alarms. Upon visiting the site, our team found the pumps blocked and the systems full of wet wipes.

Secondly, the client was facing a challenge due to the fact that their storm attenuation tank’s discharge had been linked to the sewage tank. This meant that on a wet day, the 24-hour storage of their sewage pump system was simply unavailable. With the incoming storm water, this reduced the maximum emergency capacity from 24 hours down to only 23 minutes. Indeed, it came as no surprise that Dura Pump received 13 callouts in just 12 months.

Significantly, our engineers found that the pumps were designed for standard domestic application despite serving a large housing estate. As a result these pumps were insufficient for the process required and were constantly blocking.

An old submersible pump that is blocked up

Our Solutions

Following initial consultations and assessments of the pump station, the Dura Pump team found the discharge pipe to only be 50mm MDPE. This placed fundamental limitations on what pumps we could use. However, from previous experiences where the discharge rising main side required our team to use a cutter or grinder pump, we were confident in turning to a high-quality Landia submersible pump.

Upgrading this pump system to a Landia cutter pump required increased power requirements as well as a new control system. We supplied & installed 2 brand new Landia cutter pumps, a dual control panel with GSM system alert, level controls and a kiosk.

Finshed control board

The Results

As a result of this project, our client was able to enjoy the benefits of an upgraded pump system with reliable cutter pumps which were able to handle the wet wipes; keeping up with the incoming flow and therefore massively reduce the call outs down to just once instance since the installation 6 months ago (this call out was due to one of the pumps tripping out because of excessive ragging).

The client saved thousands of pounds on the maintenance of their old pump systems which required constant callouts and tankering. Job done!

Waterboard Control Board Panel Left Operational in Auto

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