Reliable Fountain Pond Pump System For Stately Home

New pump in pit


A failed fountain pond pump system was identified during building work at an English stately home. Our team was called upon to examine the drainage pumps and provide reliable, efficient solutions for our client.

When we attended the site, our team identified the existing pumps were outdated and not fit for purpose. With that in mind, the first challenge was finding a direct replacement for pumps that were ten years old, proving difficult as direct replacements were on a long lead time.

Another key challenge was that the level control which controlled the level of the pond was outdated and was also in need of replacement. Therefore we were required to replace the two submersible pumps and the level control system to get the water feature back up and running again.



In order to overcome the significant challenge of the replacement pumps being on long lead time, we worked tirelessly to source equivalent pumps with a shorter lead time to satisfy our client.

The pumps we specified and installed for the project were Rotomec BT submersible pumps. In order to avoid replacing the pedestals, we adapted the claws to fit the pumps resulting in both saved time and costs.

To solve the level control issue, we installed an enhanced radar level control system that connected to their existing control panel: meaning the current control panel could still run on manual or auto whilst being backed up by a reliable control system.

Pumps in pit



As a result of our expert team tackling the problem, our customer now has a reliable system in place that’s fit to pump for years to come. The new and improved fountain pump system could get back to working order and the delayed building work could finally be completed. Time was essential for our client, so we worked tirelessly to complete the project as quickly as we could. From the initial enquiry to completion – including quotation, sourcing of the goods, installation and commissioning – the turnaround time was just three weeks.

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