Remote monitoring provides early warning to prevent breakdown

The Challenge

Pump stations responsible for serving housing estates can regularly experience problems. As the usage of wet wipes continues to increase alongside the incorrect disposal of sanitary products, blockages and pump station failure are growing more popular and causing big issues for residential pump systems.

As these pump stations are often unmonitored at the site, these issues can quickly accelerate into full environmental hazards and put welfare and the surrounding areas at risk. For most pump stations, a flashing red beacon on the system’s kiosk is the primary indication of an issue but this will be overlooked by personnel who are too busy to check or it will simply go unseen.

Normally, an issue is only detected when sewage begins to overflow and drains become blocked but this stage is often considered ‘too late’ as the development could have been prevented at an earlier stage. A housing estate in Wellingborough experienced this exact issue.

Discover how we solved a wet wipe dilemma.

Find out more about our remote monitoring systems.


Our Solution

Many issues can occur as a result of pump blockages but a remote monitoring system can help responsible persons to respond before the issue develops. When we were called to the housing estate in Wellingborough to remove the wet wipe issue, we installed a remote monitoring system.

The system is programmed to provide the following messages and responsive action. The details are as follows:

Text Message Detail Urgency
Pump 1 or 2 tripped The pump stated has tripped. If only one of the pumps, site attendance from an engineer is required within 48 hours.  If both pumps have tripped, it is urgent and attendance is required within 3-4 hours
Pump 1 or 2 trip reset Notifying when the pump trip has been reset No action required
Pump station lost power The power has gone off to the pump station or has been turned off Before calling an engineer, check for the reason of no power.  Turn the power back on
Pump station powered up Power has been returned to the pump station after being turned off No action required
Pump 1 or 2 run for more than 2 hours The pump has been running excessively If only one of the pumps has messaged, you can ignore it.  If both pumps, request an engineer to attend site – Engineer to attend site within approx. 5 days
High-level alarm Pump station is reaching full level Check control panel:

·   Have the pumps tripped?

·   Is the power on and are the pumps still set in auto?

·   Any other sign of a fault in the panel

·   Reset system

If the alarm still sounds, call an engineer; attendance required within 3-8 hours depending on usage of the property.

May require a tanker to empty pit, engineers/call support will advise if required.

The Results

Now that there is remote monitoring in place at the housing estate, the Housing Association receives an early warning and have asked Dura Pump to provide their remote monitoring support.

At Dura Pump, when a message is received, the relevant action can be taken. We will take the appropriate action e.g. continuing to monitor the system or, if it is urgent, engineers are dispatched to resolve.

As a result, in addition to upgrading the pump system to a reliable system, any issues can be dealt with in a timely manner, meaning happier residents and less impact on the environment

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