Wastewater Screening for a Local Abattoir

The Challenge

An abattoir was experiencing high levels of solid content in their DAF wastewater treatment plant, causing severe blockages in their drainage system.

The site had no proper treatment or screening process in place before they reached out to the Dura Pump team. The sludge waste from the DAF plant was highly expensive for the customer to remove off site, causing major financial and environmental concerns.

Our challenge was to reduce the solid content and blockages within their pump system without affecting discharge from the factory.

Before Before

Our Solutions

Dura Pump initiated the project by sending an experienced consultant to conduct a comprehensive site survey, assessing their unique requirements.

Once this consultation phase was complete, our team was in a position to propose a solution that would resolve the customer’s pump blockage problems.

Dura Pump proposed a solution where a wastewater screw screen would be installed which would allow the liquid to pass through it. This would mean that any solids above 0.5 millimetres would be effectively left behind.

Once the wastewater screw screen was installed, the screw removed the solids up and out of the orga and into a bin, leaving behind a relatively dry waste. Fortunately, this waste could then be disposed of as a CAT 3 product, which is far cheaper to dispose of than sludge.

Following this stage, the screw was installed in a tank inline, with the factory’s outlet pipe to stop any back recurring in the factory; capturing all of the waste without any overflow.

By removing the solids in such a way, the Dura Pump team quickly solved the issue of the blocked drains on-site, as well as reducing the likelihood of spillages into the future.

Before Discharge After Discharge

The Results

As a result of the expert solutions Dura Pump provided – from the initial site survey and specification right through to installation – the client was able to enjoy a number of key benefits.

One key benefit for the customer was in how they were able to reduce the costs associated with waste and waste disposal on their site. Secondly, the customer was able to eliminate the blockages issue they had faced before getting in touch with us. Last but not least, Dura Pump’s work significantly improved both the appearance and the efficiency of the pump system as a whole.

With all of these benefits combined, the DAF treatment plant was able to increase its capacity and operate more effectively. Not only was the issue solved – our customer increased its profits by making huge savings on waste disposal costs and reduced engineer attention.



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