Wastewater screening prevents blockages at food factory

The Challenge

A large factory that produces snack foods created a substantial amount of wastewater as a result of the production line and required a solution to support the process. The factory was constantly suffering from blockages in their pumps from gloves, bottle lids, pallet wood and other plastics that found their way into the wastewater from the production line!  In addition to the blockages – storage capacity for the wastewater was reaching its limits.

The system was a completely manual system, and as a result, required a lot of operative’s attention.

The Solution

To prevent future blockages, the Dura Pump team had to create a solution to remove any substantial debris. The initial role of the new system would be to screen all the wastewater as it was discharged from the factory. As it was discharged, debris larger than 5mm would be removed. All of the screened waste was then dispensed separately into a container ready for disposal. The entire pump system was automated, and increased storage capacity was added.

To achieve this system, our engineers installed a screen with an auger, two 13 000 litre conical storage tanks, and twin transfer pumps (Rotomec KSM pumps)  to discharge the wastewater when permitted to the final storage tank.

The final storage tank was installed with an oil skimmer and pre-fabricated walkway to gain safe access to the top of the tank. Any oil removed is recycled for biodiesel. The entire system was installed with new tank level controls for safe and precise monitoring and operation. The system also incorporates remote monitoring so the tank levels can be monitored from anywhere when on-site or off it.

The Results

  • No more pump blockages. Since the system has been installed, the pumps have not blocked. Prior to Dura Pump attending the site, there was a blockage weekly.
  • Flooding of the system has stopped. The combination of sufficient storage and lack of debris means the system no longer builds up and floods.
  • Fully automated. As the system is now fully automated, operatives have more time to focus on more important roles on the production line. No flooding or blockages also means there’s no need for engineer attention.
  • Recycling. All waste is recycled and efficiently dealt with which reduces the factory’s carbon footprint.

The overall result for this large snack food factory is a wastewater solution they can rely on that. Not only is the system cost-effective but the transfer of waste is safer and better for the environment. Our client can now save time and money and continue to improve productivity on-site with a reliable and efficient Dura Pump solution.

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