Five key uses for Chiller Pumps in Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturing

Posted On Posted on 21st May, 2024 by Dura Pump

Chiller pumps are essential in the manufacturing processes of the aerospace and automotive industries. Specifically, precise temperature control is critical for product quality, process efficiency, and equipment performance. Here are five key uses for chiller pumps in the manufacturing process:

1. Cooling Systems:

Chiller pumps are central to cooling systems used in various manufacturing applications. These pumps circulate chilled water or coolant through heat exchangers, evaporators, or cooling coils to absorb heat generated during production. The chilled water removes excess heat from machinery, equipment, or product materials, helping to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating.

2. Injection Moulding:

In the injection moulding process, chiller pumps cool down moulds and solidify molten material injected into them. The chilled water circulated by the pumps helps to rapidly cool the moulds, allowing for faster cycle times, improved part quality, and increased production. Chiller pumps ensure consistent and precise cooling, resulting in uniform part dimensions and reduced risk of defects.

3. Laser Cutting and Welding:

Laser cutting and welding processes generate significant heat, which can affect the quality and accuracy of the cut or weld. Chiller pumps are employed to cool down laser equipment, optics, and workpieces during these processes. By circulating chilled water through cooling circuits, chiller pumps help dispel heat from laser components, maintaining stable operating temperatures and ensuring consistent performance and precision.

4. CNC Machining:

In Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining operations, chiller pumps play a fundamental role in cooling spindle motors, cutting tools, and workpieces. The pumps circulate coolant through the machine tool’s coolant system, removing heat generated by cutting and machining operations. This prevents thermal expansion, tool wear, and dimensional inaccuracies. This results in machining accuracy and surface finish.

5. Metal Fabrication:

Chiller pumps are used in various metal fabrication processes, such as metal stamping, forging, and extrusion, to control the temperature of metal workpieces and dyes. By circulating chilled water or coolant through cooling channels or jackets in the dyes or moulds, chiller pumps enable rapid and uniform cooling of the fabricated parts. This helps to minimise residual stresses, improve dimensional accuracy, and enhance the mechanical properties of the finished metal components.

These manufacturing processes can result in high energy bills, especially if the pumps are using older technology. If the pump system has not been upgraded or maintained properly, the chances are that energy bills will be higher than they need to be. Using the latest technology can deduct thousands from yearly bills and the cost of using an innovative technology pump system pays back in a matter of months.

If you use any of the processes above and are running on old pumps, we are confident we can identify energy savings and improved processes for you.

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