Are your chiller pumps ready for summer?

Posted On Posted on 8th February, 2018 by Dura Pump

We always talk about whether your heating pumps are ready for winter, so what about checking one of the most costly yet overlooked items?

Chiller pumps typically go unobserved year after year as they continue to run, however people tend to turn a blind eye to the potentially huge amounts of energy being wasted. Often they are set up for ‘worse case scenarios’, for example to keep buildings cool or processes chilled on very hot days. However, this extreme in temperature doesn’t always occur, so in fact the chiller pump is running more than it needs to.



Some of the main problems that cause energy wastage with chiller pumps are…

  • They’re running 24/7 and are often only needed for 50% of the time
  • Often oversized by adding margins for worse case scenarios
  • Lack of control and synchronisation throughout the chiller system
  • A building layout or process has been altered which makes the pumps inefficient for the new process
  • It’s the wrong pump for the chiller
  • The chiller pumps are old

The Dura Pump Solution

Did you know? Basic chiller pump control can be used to save around 40% of energy used.

We can help you save time and money by conducting a thorough system analysis to identify the system usage, age, type of control and requirements. We can then use this information to reconfigure the system to ensure optimum capacity and significantly reduce energy wastage. Reduced wear and tear on the system also means it will run efficiently for much longer, again saving you precious time and money!

We will also review how the pumps are controlled, as it may be possible to run at 50% at night, or even be turned off. Not only can this save on energy but it can also save volumes of water – another huge cost saving!


Find out how much you could save by optimising your chiller pumps – get in touch today.

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