Complete System Design—From large multi-pump and multi-control to small systems for your process

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When we think about pump systems, several images flood to mind. We generally think of large, loud units that prove to be cumbersome and troublesome for everyone that encounters them. Not to mention how costly these units can be!

However, a complete pump system design doesn’t have to be any of those things. By choosing a supplier that understands the importance of efficiency and accessibility when it comes to getting the most out of your pumping solutions, you can guarantee you’re choosing a system that’s going to meet the specific needs of your business.


What is pump design?

The requirements of a specific residential or commercial collective often present a unique set of issues and challenges. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that a pump system is installed that is going to be suited to coping with the requirements.

From submersible pumps to chiller pumps to multistage pumps, your individual set of circumstances will define the pump type and design. After all, pumps are designed to deal with different challenges.

For example, interceptor pumps are designed to deal with the waste run-off and filter waterways; heating pumps are created to maintain water temperature and velocity pumps are created uniquely to provide a solution for foul and surface water storage and pumping.

Well-manufactured and competent pump design will provide you with a system that—if properly maintained—can give a long-term solution without compromise.



Why is pump design important?

Pump design and choosing the right solution is important because downtime and unforeseen costs are not part of a businesses process. Often forgotten about, pumps play a key role in sanitation, water filtration and keeping services running all year round.

So many aspects of domestic and industrial life are a result of the services pumping systems can provide. Appropriate and well-structured pump design will ensure that processes can be sped up, downtime can be reduced and productivity can be increased. All of these factors combined can lead to a direct impact on your bottom line.

At Dura Pump, we’re experts in pump systems and are fully invested in making sure every challenge has the correct solution for its needs.


System Design

The Dura Pump specialist projects division designs and manufactures bespoke systems to meet exact requirements.

We use CAD drawings and flow analysis software to ensure your system is designed to be the most effective, efficient and productive it can possibly be.

We can help save you thousands of kilowatts each year, and substantially reduce your fuel and maintenance costs by redesigning old and tired systems. You gain a more effective and energy-efficient pump system. Rises in electricity costs seriously affect every business, particularly those extensively using pump systems. Old pumps with antiquated control systems work very uneconomically. A retrofit, to incorporate a modern cost-saving system could give a payback within a few short months.

The same expertise and deep experience are used for new build installations and creating new system designs.

If you are trying to pump something common such as wastewater or something that’s never or rarely been pumped before such as chicken legs, you’ll find lateral thinkers who can design your system.


Booster Sets

Low water pressure is a growing concern for many citizens around the world. There are three main reasons for this:

  • A consistently growing demand for more water
  • A requirement for constant pressure as standard
  • Water authorities only have to guarantee a pressure of 1 bar at a simultaneous flow of 9 litres/min

Booster sets are the solution to low water pressure. By installing a pump system, you achieve a constant reliable water pressure, giving you and your users a quality experience.

Furthermore, your water pressure is controlled to suit the fluctuations in demand throughout the day, and this saves you significant amounts of water. It also greatly reduces the energy you’re using to pump it.

Dura Pump has a strong track record in the design, build and installation of booster set systems; we’re experts at working with hotels, factories, car washes and prisons—industries with specific and high quantity requirements.

We adapt and customise our booster systems so they work perfectly for your specific requirements, giving you a turnkey solution for constant pressure.

Depending on how critically important your system is, we can incorporate standby pumps, dry-run protection and intelligent control to protect your pumps and systems, and ensure there is no damaging downtime.

As well as working on your booster sets, we can carry out a Dura Pump energy-saving project on your system, to save you up to 50% in energy usage, in comparison with traditional solutions.


Pressurisation Sets

Most modern boiler and air conditioning units are sealed and require a system to maintain the internal pressure and give warnings when the fill pressure is low or when the water has over expanded.

Pressurisation units are designed:

  • To replace water that has been lost through system leakage
  • To maintain the system design fill-pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems
  • To provide safety circuits locking out the chiller unit or boiler in the event of extreme pressures

From working with different sectors in the industry, we have learnt all about the best solutions for unique requirements.

For example, when a food factory needed our assistance to provide an extraction system to maintain pressure within a filter, we had a simple solution. There was no need for a large or ‘cumbersome’ system so we provided a seamlessly efficient one—a stainless steel pump and control panel, mounted onto a stainless steel frame, ready to “plug and play”.



Bespoke solutions

Our range of systems here at Dura Pump are expansive and designed to resolve requirements for all different issues, challenges and locations. From packaged pump stations for domestic and commercial use to adoptable pumping stations, there’s a high probability Dura Pump already has the system you need.

However, should a challenge arise that we know we don’t have the best solution for, we’ll create one. If you have a unique need that your current pump station can’t deal with or you want a whole new system altogether, then a bespoke system could benefit you hugely.

A few years ago, our engineers were called out to supply and install large-scale pump equipment at the Bicester Eco Town development. Their foul pump system had been designed with a huge concrete chamber approximately 14 metres deep and 8 metres in diameter. The purpose of this pump was to remove waste from hundreds of houses and into the Thames water sewers system. For a project of this size, a bespoke solution was needed!

Dura Pump supplied and installed the complete sewage pump system, specifying Grundfos SLV Pumps with 11kW motors. These pumps are powered by Danfoss variable speed drives. The system level is controlled through a Siemens Hydroranger, which allows the sewage inflow to be dosed accordingly so that septicity levels are managed.


Want a complete system design solution?

Pumping systems come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. The concept of installing and selecting the appropriate system can initially appear daunting and the idea of a large and costly pump can be deterring.

Dura Pump chooses the simplest solution for your requirements so that you know you’re getting the best system for your personal needs.

Our services cover installation, repair, commissioning and energy-saving evaluations so that your pump system works the way it’s supposed to. Keep your business running as seamlessly as one of our pumps when you let Dura Pump provide you with the right system design.

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