Could planned preventative pump maintenance save your site money?

Posted On Posted on 12th October, 2021 by Dura Pump
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Pump systems are an integral part of maintaining safety and comfort at your premises and unmaintained systems could put staff, visitors, residents and the company at risk. Pump failure can cost businesses thousands of pounds, and the worst part is that most issues that cause pump failure could have been prevented. How? With preventative, scheduled maintenance. Find out more below about how a planned preventative maintenance strategy could benefit your pump system and the future of your business.

What is a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy?

Even the best quality systems need care and attention, and the pump system at your facility is no exception. Whether you’re a hospitality lodging or a bustling hospital, pump efficiency is crucial to offering the services that users rely upon. Failure to manage maintenance for your pumps can lead to a lot of potential problems that can directly impact welfare and the reputation of your business.

Planned preventative maintenance can’t completely stop unexpected breakdowns but it can save you time and money. Depending on the function of the system, one small issue can bring an entire facility to a grinding halt; this can cause downtime, time wastage, and financial loss.

But won’t maintenance cause the same downtime and issues?

Not if it’s planned for. When maintenance and repairs are scheduled, you can compensate for any potential ‘problems’. Planned downtime for a limited amount of time to boost efficiency and performance for the months ahead is a small price to pay when overlooked issues could cause catastrophic failure when you’re relying on your system to perform the most.

Maintenance packages provide a comprehensive service to prevent downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ensure your system is reliable year after year – because prevention is always better than cure.

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How can pump maintenance benefit your facility? 

Some clients that use pump system maintenance packages receive huge financial savings. A large holiday park in Northamptonshire had allowed their 26 pump stations to fall into disrepair. The lack of maintenance was causing regular failures (alongside incorrect specification).

Blockages, overflows, incorrect level management, and electrical concerns with control panels were just a few of the issues caused by a lack of upkeep. Following an assessment with Dura Pump, the holiday park received a long-term maintenance package and (after initial repairs and replacements) saves 100K approx a year on pump issues compared to previously.

Other reasons your facility stands to make financial savings with a PPM strategy are –

  • Improved efficiency – blockages or defects can cause pumps to work much harder, wasting power and energy. Pump system maintenance can help to maximise the efficiency of the system so waste costs are not incurred.
  • Extended lifespan – regular maintenance helps identify and deals with pump system issues in good time which means parts are replaced when and where required, reducing excessive wear and tear and the need for a whole new system when parts beyond repair cause drastic damage e.g. deadheading, hydraulic overpressure and cavitation.
  • Fewer/cheaper emergency call-outs – emergency call-outs can be hard to arrange and also very expensive. Planned maintenance will lower the risk of sudden breakdowns but maintenance packages from Dura Pump also offer discounted call-out rates.
  • More productive operations – dependent on the industry and purpose of your facility, PPM strategies will keep your pumps working at optimum efficiency where possible to increase output and the productivity of your process.


What should you do next?

Take some of the stress out of facility management and give yourself peace of mind by contacting Dura Pump about a pump system maintenance package. ProServ maintenance packages come in different levels of coverage and regularity and can also be tailored exactly to your site with a bespoke option.

If you’re not sure which package will benefit your facility the most, the Dura Pump experts are here to talk you through our maintenance contracts and help improve productivity and cost savings at your site. Talk to a flow expert and receive a cost-effective safeguard for your systems. Call the team now on 01604 648 800

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