Factory makes huge savings whilst increasing reliability 100%

Posted On Posted on 20th January, 2017 by Dura Pump
Pump Systems

Problematic pump systems? We have now successfully completed a project for a large factory in Cambridgeshire, that provides heat treatment services.

The factory needed to replace old, inefficient and problematic pump systems. To provide a solution, we developed forklift-able, skid-mounted systems that could be lifted into place – a little like a plug and play system – to quickly and effectively replace the old system, reducing the downtime.

We replaced two systems; one for circulating water around the factory and the other for the cooling towers, both of which had their own specific requirements.


The factory required an operating pressure between three and four bar, and unfortunately suffered with unreliable power supply to the area.  To create an all encompassing solution, we coupled new KSB pumps with Danfoss Aquadrives, creating a reliable and greatly efficient system, with the added ability to overcome and cope with the unreliable power supply. We also replaced the main control panel which meant that we were able to optimise the systems to maximise the factory’s functionality while make energy savings.

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