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Posted On Posted on 13th September, 2018 by Dura Pump

Low water pressure is becoming an increasingly worrying issue for many people around the world, and booster sets are the solution. By installing a pump system, you achieve a constant reliable water pressure, giving you and your users a quality experience.



A world-renowned flooring manufacturer approached us after its insurance company had condemned its old fill and spill system. The biggest issue was that it needed to allow for hot water pressurisation up to 195 deg C at 20 bar, as well as enabling the pressurisation of all the cold water in the factory. We provided a safe, reliable and simple-to-use system that requires minimal maintenance.


The Dura Pump team sets out to solve your complete heating or cooling system needs and can quickly and efficiently supply heating pumps and chiller pumps, whilst maintaining the ability to provide high or low pressure.



We were also called upon by Watford FC as the water pressure was nowhere near strong enough to cope with the demand on match days, to the point where sometimes the water ran out completely. After intercepting the main water supply, we installed two new 1500ltr large storage tanks along with a twin variable booster set. Our efforts resulted in a happy washroom experience for Watford FC fans who will be delighted after 4 wins from their first 4 games in the 2018/19 season. Could it be the Dura Pump effect?


If you are looking to boost water pressure for a domestic or commercial property, we can specify, supply, install and commission water pressure booster pump solutions designed to meet your requirements.


Require high pressure at a high temperature? Or high pressure without the temperature? You choose, we deliver. With our experience and expertise in pump system design, we can deliver the perfect pump system whether it’s hot or cold, and high or low pressure.


Contact us now and start solving your water pressure problems, call us on 01604 64800 or email us at mail@durapump.com

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