How Do Dura Pump Resolve Pump Issues?

Posted On Posted on 25th July, 2022 by Ozz
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As the UK’s leading provider of pump systems and all of the services that concern them, we’re often asked one key question by our customers: how do you do it? This week, we’re lifting the lid on what we do best, highlighting some of the processes we carry out to ensure success.
When a company comes to Dura Pump with a persistent pump issue, we go through several steps to ensure we get to the root cause of the issue. By doing this we wouldn’t just fix the failure, but remove the cause of the failure to provide long term reliability.

Dura Pump: How We Guarantee Success

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The typical steps towards success are as follows:

Gathering data: Discussion with the customer as to the application and requirements, collecting flow rates, pressures, suction parameters and understanding the system design. In some situations, collecting the customer’s pump for a full inspection in our workshop is the best course of action to fully identify the failure points.

Extensive calculations: We run calculations on our flow software system to find out where the existing pump is operating and where flaws in the system may be, such as restrictions and inefficiencies.

Design assessment: We ascertain and assess the design of the system including using the results from the calculations to ensure we find the root cause of the issue.

Specification/recommendation: From our above findings we can make recommendations to modify the system or pump to resolve the issue. This could be from a different type, material or manufacture pump or just increasing the suction pipework size, but ultimately depends on the root cause identified.

On top of these four key tasks, our internal knowledge and experience is key in knowing which pump is best for an application as sometimes even if a pump specification is correct on paper, it still may not be durable enough to withstand the demand.

Control panel for multipump setup

How the system is controlled is also an aspect we look at when gathering data. Our engineers are electrically and mechanically trained, and can therefore assess the controls and the mechanical side of the system to ensure they are working together and compatible. This also allows us to optimise the system on the controls which minimises the strain on the mechanical side prolonging pump lifespan.

From the above assessment and recommendations this allows us to reach our key goal which is to ensure we are the fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.

Dura Pump: It’s Time to Discover Performance Under Pressure

Dura Pump is proud to lead the industry as the UK’s foremost supplier of pump systems, maintenance services and more. To get started with your own project, contact us now.

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