How Do Dura Pump Turnkey Systems Help Reduce Downtime?

Posted On Posted on 3rd August, 2022 by Ozz

Dura Pump offers complete turnkey systems from concept through to commissioning, including design, specification, drawings, manufacture, and installation. Our turnkey offerings are normally used to replace inefficient, undersized, or failing equipment. This can be from a chilled water pump system to a wastewater system.

Our systems and pipework are designed to install into the same space as the existing equipment. After the design is complete and the drawings are approved, the system goes into manufacture in our workshop. Systems will be pre-assembled and tested prior to leaving the workshop to ensure minimum downtime on-site and to smooth transition to the new system.

Dedicated, Experienced Engineers

installation of new pump system

Once the system has been tested, it is transported to site – often on a Hiab – by our team of engineers. Our engineers will then remove the existing system, lift the prebuilt system straight into place and connect it up to the existing pipework.

As the system is pre assembled it is often only the inlet and outlet to connect, minimising the time taken to install the pump system and maximising your production or operating time.

The controls can be pre-mounted on the skid or installed on site before the new system arrives. If the panel has to be installed before the system arrives on site, we offer a plug-and-go system; once again minimising downtime and unforeseen issues.

Increased Reliability & Efficiency

Following the install of the new system, the increased reliability and efficiency will not only reduce downtime but will save ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Hygienic systems;
  • Washdown systems;
  • Test rigs;
  • Waste systems;
  • Fill and spill systems;
  • Booster sets;
  • Chilled water systems; and
  • Environmental protection systems, including oil detecting & manufacturing process systems.

The prebuilt system can save hours of work on site and save having multiple trades on site. Contact us today and let’s talk results!

Turnkey Systems: Get Started Today

Dura Pump’s Turnkey System Solutions help you maximise efficiency & minimise downtime. To get started with your own project, contact us for a free consultation.

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