How Much Does It Cost To Run The Pumps On My Site?

Posted On Posted on 20th April, 2022 by Ozz
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There’s no denying that pumps are expensive to run, but the costs of operating pumps depends on a few different factors:

– Number and size of buildings on your site
– Number of people in the building
– Age of site
– Local or district heating
– Mains or boosted supply
– Number and size of pumps on site

As the above are not quantifiable metrics, we put together a client case study to help better understand running costs.

Our client, an NHS hospital, has approximately 250 beds and is run by district heating. Supplying the hospital is a cold water booster set. The buildings are old, some of which were constructed in the late 1800’s, and the pumps are spread across about 10 buildings.

There’s a total of approximately 70 Pumps on site, varying from 0.1KW to 37KW pumps.
The total kw/h used per year on site is 620,000. With the average price of electricity heading towards 28p per kilowatt in 2022, this is costing the hospital more than £124,000 per year in running costs alone.

Do different establishments cost different amounts to run?

There is a significant difference in running a manufacturing plant compared to a university or hospital.

The cost to run manufacturing plants varies depending on both the process that they are running, and of course the amount of pumps that are required on the site. From our experience, operating public buildings like hospitals, universities or prisons, tend to bear similar running costs.

How can I accurately work out my running costs?

The only way to accurately work out the running costs of your site is to survey all of the pumps, work out their running hours and then calculate: total KW/h used X cost per KW/h.

Dura Pump can support you by providing a free energy audit and identify where the most costly pumps are and where the maximum savings can be made.

To learn more about your individual running costs, take a look at our Calculator or read our blog on How to reduce my energy bills by optimising my pumps.


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