Prevent pump failure with routine maintenance

Posted On Posted on 23rd September, 2021 by Dura Pump
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Is your pump system running at optimal efficiency? If your answer is not a clear and confident ‘yes’ then your system could be losing you money, time, and output. It could also be at risk of disruptive breakdowns or expensive, debilitating failure. When it comes to caring for your pump system and production performance, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

Why maintain your pump system regularly?

Pump systems are made up of parts and the condition of mechanical components depletes as a result of demand and use. Regular servicing can help preserve the condition of the parts, prolong the life of the whole system and stop problems from developing. By investing in a reliable maintenance plan, you’ll be wisely choosing to keep your production line optimised with boosted efficiency, ultimately leading to improved competitiveness and a healthier bottom line.

The effectiveness of a pump, given how many institutions and businesses rely on them, is often overlooked until there’s a noticeable issue. At that point, it could be too late or incur a larger cost. Implementing and investing in a pump maintenance package will make your business more proactive and reduce preventable repairs and replacements. Changes in noise, vibrations, and efficiency can be missed easily, especially in busy environments where pumps are unattended most of the time.

Preventive pump maintenance packages are the best way to ensure your pumps are being maintained on a regular basis to a standard that you can trust.


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What pump maintenance package should you choose?

Industrial process pumps are a critical asset on many sites and with so much at stake in the occurrence of failure, your business needs a pump maintenance package that’s tailored to the requirements of your production.

Dura Pump ProServ maintenance packages provide a comprehensive service to prevent downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ensure your system is reliable year after year. By assessing hundreds of reference sites and previous projects, we have created Bronze, Silver and Gold packages to cater for the vast majority of maintenance needs.

ProServ packages range from basic preventative sewage and stormwater pump maintenance with 24/7 technical support to a proactive service agreement that extends through the latest energy-saving measures. If we do not have your unique demands covered by our pre-set maintenance packages, our team will work with you to develop a ProServ Platinum package for a customised solution dedicated to your requirements.


What is covered in pump maintenance packages?

Every business is different and our team understands each industrial process will have unique requirements. All of our packages include preventative maintenance, full services (frequency changes between packages), discounted rates, online portal asset management, energy-saving assessments, and more.

Trust Dura Pump to carry out your pump maintenance

Our team will do their best to develop a solution built around your systems. We will assess your criteria and business needs to understand the usage and requirements of your pumps. To talk to the fluid specialists about pump maintenance sooner rather than later, call 01604 648 800 or email


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