We’re raising awareness for World Water Week

Posted On Posted on 22nd August, 2017 by Dura Pump

Organised by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

When it was announced that World Water Week 2017 would be focusing on the theme of ‘Waste Water: Reduce and Reuse’, we were delighted, because at Dura Pump, we’re all about efficiency and waste reduction.

We’ve been vocal over the years about the need for businesses to make their systems as efficient as possible – both in terms of energy and water use.

Addressing commercial water waste

In a recent report, the OECD predicted that in the next 30 years alone, water use by manufacturers will rise by 400 percent. With so much water being consumed and processed by businesses, it’s important to address waste at its core: inefficient water systems.

But while most of the advice we hear focuses on how to reduce water waste domestically (showers over baths, taps off whilst brushing our teeth, etc.), there is little mainstream focus on the commercial sector.

With that in mind, this World Water Week we’re offering qualifying UK businesses a free site survey and water system assessment. Our team of engineers are specialists in optimising pump and water systems, and could drastically reduce the day-to-day water-cost of your site.

We’ve been able to help clients make massive savings. In one recent project, we helped a facility reduce its water usage by 96%. That’s an enormous reduction in both environmental output, and water bills. You can read the full case study here. https://durapump.wpengine.com/case-study/96-reduction-water-bill-shaw-healthcare

This World Water Week, do something for your company, and for the planet. Reduce your water waste.

Dura Pump – making every drop count

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