An Unpleasant but Common Challenge: Sewage Pumping in Prisons

Posted On Posted on 18th June, 2024 by Dura Pump

Reliable pumping of solids, especially when non-flushable items find their way into wet wells, is a common challenge for prisons. We often take for granted the 24/7 availability of flushable amenities until they do not work. When it comes to sewage pumping in prisons, some strange items can find their way into the system, making it even more unreliable.

Chopper or submersible macerator pumps provide an effective solution that helps prisons eliminate blocked pumps. Blockages can affect the pumps, sewers, and pipework systems on-site, and can result in the worst-case scenario of pumps being decommissioned every week for cleaning and maintenance, often with tankers being called in to remove the effluent. This is an inefficient and costly exercise causing unnecessary disruptions and can put the pumps out of action for several days each time a blockage occurs. 

Dura Pump has many years of experience in solving these blockage problems and can recommend the right chopper or macerator system for each specific issue. We adapt the full system to meet each individual need. One size does not fit all in this instance and systems can often need adapting to meet each challenge.

We have been working with the HMS Prison Service for over 15 years and there is not a problem we have not come across or failed to fix, even in the most challenging handling of solids. By installing robust and reliable solutions, such as chopper or macerator pumps, we ensure that prison sewage systems remain operational and efficient, minimising costly disruptions and maintenance downtime. 

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