The Big Blockage Problem

Posted On Posted on 13th May, 2020 by Dura Pump

In the midst of the current health crisis, our society has never been so conscious about staying clean. Yet, the demand for sanitation and hampering adjustments to the ways we live are causing big issues for pump systems.

Pump systems, more than ever, are crucial for keeping key industries moving, as well as efficiently handling the increased pressure to wastewater and sewage systems and every pumping solution making staying safe and functioning at home possible.


A change in our waste is causing big problems

The United Kingdom lockdown began on the 23rd of March. Since it began, people have been forced to change the way they live. Between the toilet paper frenzy during the initial stages of lockdown, councils refusing to take some personal items such as wet wipes and tissues, and a reduction in rubbish collection services, households are neglecting the disposal process of unflushables.

Since the lockdown began, sewer blockages have increased by almost 20%. This spike is hugely attributed to people failing to dispose of unflushables properly. Water companies are reporting upward of 10 new blockages a day and some masses have been pulled from the sewer network weighing 40kg. These rag-bergs are a threat to flow efficiency and performance and can cause pump system impellers, pipework and other parts to become blocked. These blockages threaten homes, businesses and the environment.



Pumping specialists such as Dura Pump are no stranger to solving pump blockages. The team were contacted by a facilities company regarding a housing estate with approximately 60 houses. Their pump station required cutter blades replacements on the pump. However, upon further inspection, we discovered another pressing issue.

We found the pump station to be heavily blocked with wet wipes and ragging. The system was cleaned and vacuumed and the facilities manager advised residents to stop flushing wet wipes. They didn’t stop and the team visited the site several times to carry out work. We couldn’t control the actions of the residents but we could control what we did next to get the best results for the client.

In the end, we recommended a set of new vortex pumps with a wider passage that had a boosted handling capacity to meet the wet wipe dilemma head-on.

Pumping difficult substances always has a unique set of challenges and getting it wrong or leaving it to go unchecked will lead to blockages and catastrophic pump failure. The COVID-19 crisis presents its own challenges and the additional worry of flow efficiency is the last thing you want to be worrying about.



What can Dura Pump do to help? 

When it comes to a reliable pump system, the ability to keep operation running without clogging or blocking is a central demand. A build-up of material in any part of the pump system can cause drastic pressure spikes that can devastate pump parts and lead to prolonged or sudden leaks.

It’s important not to let this change in the way we operate ruin you the way your pump system does. That’s why you can rely on the Dura Pump team, even during this period of uncertainty, to give you clear and safe solutions to keep you moving.



What services can our team offer for pump blockages? 

Not only will our engineers clear the initial blockage with our pump tankering and washing service, but we will also conduct a full service to check how well the system is operating. Blockages are very common in pump systems but in the constantly developing climate we are currently in, the risk has been increased. Not only because people aren’t controlling their input but also because now is not the time to let your pump systems become neglected.

Our maintenance packages will ensure that you are always pumping with confidence, no matter the sector or demand. With engineers always there to help when you need and regular maintenance to detect any issues and just keep your pump healthy, you can focus your mind on other things.

Dura Pump understands the importance of coming together to protect our community in times of need. We are still here to provide our services safely and professionally. So don’t delay, contact Dura Pump today on 01604 648 800 or email

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