Top 3 Most Costly Pump Mistakes

Posted On Posted on 25th November, 2019 by Dura Pump

If you’re currently making mistakes with your pump system then you could be forfeiting thousands of pounds in profit every year on preventable problems.

Most businesses aren’t even aware there’s a problem present so are potentially pumping away profit every single day.

The Dura Pump team visit thousands of sites every year and we see hundreds of pump system mistakes that are causing unnecessary losses. Energy wastage accounts for 3 of the most costly mistakes currently made by pump system users nationally.

By having your pump systems assessed, you can stand to significantly reduce unnecessary costs and improve productivity.


1) Pumps are running 24/7

If a pump seems like it’s running okay then there’s a high chance people will turn a blind eye to its performance. Pump systems can go unobserved for years without an assessment of the power and energy that pumps are using.

When pumps are set up, they are usually programmed to deal with the worst-case scenarios. Heating pumps are installed to keep buildings warm when the weather is cold or snowy. However, in terms of how many days a year these conditions occur, the need for the pump to work at maximum power, or even at all, is minimal.

Imagine leaving your lights on at home all day just because you’ll need them when it gets dark. This is how most companies are currently allowing their pump systems to run.


How can Dura Pump solve this mistake? 

Whether it’s a general lack of pump control, incorrect programming or your pump overworking constantly year by year, Dura Pump engineers can conduct a thorough system analysis to identify the system usage.

Our collected data enables us to make necessary modifications to pump systems so they can run more efficiently. For example, we can alter the output of a pump system to run at 50% which equates to 25% of total power consumption.

Even just assessing basic pump control can save about 40% of the energy used. We also review how pumps are controlled and can adapt variables such as running hours e.g. turning the pump off at night or making it run at minimal power.


How much can you save? 

We saved a designer and manufacturer of Plastic Glazing Accessories for the Fenestration Industry £22,000 after they approached Dura Pump to assess their pumps. Our engineer discovered their system was running at full speed most days of the year. Every night, an engineer was having to turn them off, alternate the pumps and then in the morning, turn them back on.

We analysed the system by taking pressure readings and measuring flow requirements. From this, we specified new pumps, inverters and suitable controls.

After installation, we programmed the inverters to monitor the temperature to control the pumps accordingly. We also automated the pumps, turning them on and off at specific times and alternating duty.



2) Pumps, by design, are inherently inefficient

Technology is developing constantly and although most people wouldn’t consider pump systems ‘technology’, having an outdated system can be a costly issue.

Most older pumps have belt drives and this style of pump was commonly installed 50 odd years ago. The capability of these old-timer pumps is just not the same as newer pumps with a direct drive. Whereas a belt-drive pump loses 20% of its power regardless of the function it’s performing, a direct drive pump can save 30-40% of power in any application.

Not only do you stand to save a large amount of energy, but you’ll also encounter fewer maintenance costs and keep downtime to a minimum.


How can Dura Pump solve this mistake? 

Dura Pump can visit you at your site to assess the age and capability of your current pump system and pumps. After the analysis is carried out, we can specify a newer pump to meet the demands of your business and keep you on track.


How much can you save? 

When a world-leading software company with over 420,000 customers in 145 countries around the world began to face persistent pumping issues, they contacted Dura Pump to see how we could resolve their issue.

The primary cause of the issue was the client’s old belt drive pumps in the heating system. Even at the best of times, these pumps were running inefficiently and malfunctioned frequently leading to a cycle of breakdowns, costs and downtime.

Dura Pump replaced their belt drive pumps with a newer, more modern centrifugal pump. This system is not only more reliable, but more energy and cost-efficient. The software company now makes 55% energy savings with their new pumps installed.



3) Layout or Process Alterations

Over time businesses change. Layouts can be altered and shifts in the industry can lead to changes in processes. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to find the original pump still in use despite the fact the pump was not specified for the new requirements.

This could mean that your pumps are overworking, leading to excess energy usage and unneeded costs.


How can Dura Pump solve this mistake? 

If your system has been modified at any point, Dura Pump engineers can re-evaluate the system and make suitable suggestions on improving efficiency.

We take all of your requirements into account so that we can specify a pump system that gets the job done right and improve your productivity while keeping your costs as low as possible.


How much can you save? 

Dura Pump now helps Warwick Hospital save £2,500 annually. The hospital was worried about how much they were spending and called out our engineers to run an assessment on the efficiency of their pumping systems.

Many of the pumps in use were relatively new and seemed to have sufficient controls in place. In response, we looked further into the issue and found a number of pumps could be optimised! This process involved replacing four pumps with a more efficient pump design resulting in a smaller motor.



How can Dura Pump help you save? 

Dura Pump is the only fluid control specialist that can guarantee increased productivity and profitability for our clients from our reliable and efficient solutions.

If you have belt-driven pumps, pumps over 5.5kW, heat pumps larger than 4kW, a chilled water system or feel like your energy costs are too high then it’s time to get in touch.

Book your free no-obligation site assessment today, simply call 01604 648 800 or email

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