System design

Reliable, knowledgeable Pump System Design

Pump system design

System replacement, new build installation and new system design

The Dura Pump specialist projects division designs and manufactures bespoke systems to exact requirements.

We use CAD drawings and flow analysis software to ensure your system is designed to be the most effective, efficient and productive it is possible to be.

We can help save you thousands of kilowatts each year, and substantially reduce your fuel and maintenance costs by redesigning old and tired systems. You gain a more effective and energy- efficient pump system. Rises in electricity costs seriously affect every business, particularly those extensively using pump systems. Old pumps with antiquated control systems work very uneconomically. A retrofit, to incorporate a modern cost-saving system could give a payback within a few short months.

The same expertise and deep experience are used for new build installations, and creating new system designs.

If you are trying to pump something common such as waste water or something that’s never or rarely been pumped before such as chicken legs, you’ll find lateral thinkers who can design your system at Dura Pump.

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Booster sets


Booster sets

True value for money from expert engineers

Low water pressure is becoming an increasingly worrying issue for many citizens around the world. There are three main reasons for this:

  • A consistently growing demand for more water
  • A requirement for constant pressure as standard
  • Water Authorities only have to guarantee a pressure of 1 bar at a simultaneous flow of 9 litres/min

Booster sets are the solution to low water pressure. By installing a pump system, you achieve a constant reliable water pressure, giving you and your users a quality experience.

Furthermore, your water pressure is controlled to suit the fluctuations in demand throughout the day, and this saves you significant amounts of water.

It also greatly reduces the energy you’re using to pump it.

Dura Pump has a strong track record in the design, build and installation of booster set systems; we’re expert at working with hotels, factories, car washes and prisons, as well as many other sectors listed here on our site.

We adapt and customise our booster systems so they work perfectly for your specific requirements, giving you a turnkey solution for constant pressure.

Depending on how critically important your system is, we can incorporate standby pumps, dry-run protection and intelligent control to protect your pumps and systems, and ensure there is no damaging downtime.

As well as working on your booster sets, we can carry out a Dura Pump energy-saving project on your system, to save you up to 50% in energy usage, in comparison with traditional solutions.

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Pressurisation sets

Dura Pump specialises in pressure boosting and pressurisation sets

Pressurisation sets

Support from engineering experts who care

Pressurisation units are designed:

To replace water that has been lost through system leakage

To maintain the system design fill-pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems

To provide safety circuits locking out the chiller unit or boiler in the event of extreme pressures

Here at Dura Pump we are experts in pressure boosting and you can arrange a visit where we will help you to specify your perfect pressurisation set. We will then design the system for you, and supply, install, maintain and repair if required.

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Our mission is: To create flow the way you need it

We are driven by our vision, where we see: A world where pump reliability is paramount.

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