Dura Pump Connect has been specially designed to be your one go-to place for all-in-one account management.
Track anything quickly and easily, from invoices and quotes to your repair and service history, even while you’re on the move!

Dura Pump App
  • List all your assets in one place
  • Keep up with your service and repair
  • Stress-free invoice management
  • Instantly access your job report history
  • Review and approve pending quotes
  • Access everything without a hitch!

One app managing your entire pump needs

Asset Storage

Asset storage

You can now view all your assets and any specific information to each one simply by logging in.

  • Keep track of all the different systems you use at one time, whether it’s booster sets, pump stations, heating and chiller pumps or pressurisation sets and pressure vessels.
  • Group your assets per site.

Pump Service and Repair

Service and repair

We understand how difficult it is to keep up with maintenance, but it is vital, so we’ve made it easy!

  • Access all service and repair reports, organised with each corresponding asset, so you remain compliant.
  • Track the progress of your repair or service history.
  • Request a repair or a service online.

Services Invoicing


We’ve put an end to the often daunting and stressful task of managing your invoices.

  • Access and view your outstanding invoices.
  • Download copies of all your invoices to keep for your own records.

Job Reports

Job reports

You can easily refer to past and present jobs whenever you need to, all recorded and saved with the app.

  • Access and view your complete job reports history.
  • Download copies of all your job reports to keep for your own records.

Pump Quotes


Often new quotes fall down the priority list, delayed by urgent demands, even when the new work is essential.

  • Access and view outstanding quotes for repairs on your systems.
  • Approve quotes and start the process.



Fit all this around your busy and unpredictable schedule by logging in whenever and wherever works for you!

  • Access all these features 24/7 so you can fit it around  your busy schedule, or even when you’re on the move!
  • Add multiple users and control their level of accessibility, allowing you to keep chosen documents private.

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