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Energy Saving Facts

1. Pumps currently account for 10% of the world’s total electricity consumption
2. Most pumps waste energy 95% of the time
3. We can typically save 35% to 40% on energy costs
4. Clients have benefited from up to £250,000 savings in 5 years - and continually increasing
5. Typical energy savings payback is 6 Months – 3 Years

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With the current need to reduce energy consumption and the big drive to save the planet, we’d like to inform you how Dura Pump is doing our bit. We offer free energy savings audits on both your pumps and pump systems.

As a customer you may be thinking you can’t save any energy by working on your pumps. This, however, may be something that hasn’t been investigated enough and could potentially save energy and help meet your energy savings targets. It could also save you unnecessary costs.

Having been in the pump industry for many years, we know how to optimise pumps for energy savings and address the technical nature of the energy savings issue.


This NHS example demonstrates how systems can be optimised to save both energy and running costs
  • The hospital had two 37KW belt driven pumps. One pump was running 24/7, alternating duty unless extra flow was needed, and they would both run together.
  • The energy these pumps used totalled ±291,708 KW of electricity per year.
  • After accessing the system, we specified two direct drive pumps to replace the existing belt drive pumps. The variable speed of these new pumps is controlled by an inverter and linked to them is a sensor which monitors the return temperature of the water regulating the speed of the pumps and the return temperature.
  • The new pumps specified were 18.5 KW with an estimated energy saving of 40% from the inverters. This reduced the KWh used per year from 291,708 KWh to 97,216 KWh, saving 194,472 KW of electricity. All this by simply changing the pumps and adding inverters.
  • Total job cost for the hospital = £28,000.
  • Cost saving per year = £27,219.68 (194,412 KWh x 0.14p per KWh), meaning that the job paid for itself within 13 months.
  • This hospital saw an ROI in just over a year. In five years, the customer will have saved over £100,000.
  • From a sustainability point of view, the CO2 savings on this job = 45,297.99 kg of CO2 (0.233 kg of CO2 per kWh x 194,412 KWh), meaning that this project saved 45 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year.
  • *Calculations based on averages.

This shows how much energy could be conserved, CO2 emissions reduced,
and money saved by upgrading your pumps.

194,412 KWh
45,297.99 kg
13 months

Ten questions to help you identify where you can save energy, upgrade your equipment and increase your net profit…

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then contact Dura Pump today for your free energy-saving survey

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Do you have belt-driven pumps?

Did you know belt-driven pumps are 20% less efficient?

Do you have pumps larger than 5.5kW?

Did you know a 5.5kW pump running 24/7 365 days a year at 12p/kWh costs £5781 to run?

Do you have a valved back system?

Did you know that by using the correct control, you can slow the motor speed down, saving energy and the need for valving back?

Do you have heating pumps larger than 4kW?

Did you know that due to fluctuation in temperatures throughout the year, the pump can be controlled according to demand and save between 35-40%?

Do you have fixed speed booster sets?

Did you know that due to fluctuation in demand throughout a day, the system can be controlled by inverters, varying the speed and number of pumps used? This can provide you with constant water pressure and substantial energy savings.

Do you have a chilled water system?

Did you know that due to temperature fluctuations throughout the year or demand throughout the day from your process, the pump can be controlled according to pressure or temperature? This can save 35-50%.

Do you have a system with pressure reducing valves?

Did you know that doing this is like driving your car with your foot flat on the accelerator whilst braking to control speed! You can control the system by pressure, reduce the speed of the motor and save substantial energy and wear on the system.

Have you increased or reduced your system capacity since initial install?

Did you know that by adjusting your system from the initial specification can considerably affect the efficiency and performance of your system?

Do you have old systems that require upgrading?

Did you know that payback times through energy saving can provide you with a new system, self-funded by the energy savings in 6-24 months?

Do you have inverters installed that are programmed to a set speed?

Did you know that having inverters programmed to a set speed does not provide you with maximum energy savings? They should be set up to adjust speed, according to the demand of the system.

Request your free energy-saving survey

This shows how much energy could be conserved, CO2 emissions reduced, and money saved by upgrading your pumps.

  • Site survey
    Our energy-saving programme starts with a free no-obligation site survey. Our experienced pump consultant will carry out a detailed assessment of your pump station and pump system, the way your system is set out, and the amount of time and money that is currently being expended on the system.
  • Design & specify
    After the initial site survey, we carry out an in-depth assessment of your system using our flow analysis software and energy calculators. This gives us the necessary pressures, friction loss, flow rate and load information we need to study where energy and efficiency are being lost. This allows us to establish if your system is already as efficient and effective as possible or to recommend ways to optimise your system to make it most effective in terms of energy usage and the kind of efficiency that reduces wear and tear on the pumps. As a result of the diagnosis, we identify the most energy-efficient solutions for your system and provide a quotation to supply and install with detailed energy-saving calculations and the payback on your investment.
  • Supply & install
    Following your acceptance of the quotation, we will manufacture, supply, install and optimise the solution. We install in a way that ensures all equipment works to its optimum performance. We work to minimise your downtime during the installation because we know how important continuity is to all organisations. Our team will provide you with a caring and friendly service.
  • Maintain
    Preventative maintenance and care keep your system at full performance, and we offer a range of maintenance packages to give you complete peace of mind and ensure your system remains reliable and energy-efficient. Connect to our free online asset management tool!
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