Pump Station Service

what can dura pump do for you?

We carefully create pumping stations, systems and processes to make life easy for our customers and suppliers and take pride in being completely open with information.

This means we understand the value in explaining what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is this sharing of knowledge with our highly skilled engineers that means you will benefit from the latest and most effective methods.

Pump Station Design
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Pump Station Commisions
Pump Maintenance


Pump Station Maintenance
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Why would I require a Pump Station?

Pump Stations can be installed on sites for Foul, Storm & Grey Water for many reasons. The two most common reasons are…

  1. The drainage outfall is lower than the existing gravity.
  2. There is flow control required, for example:
    Large storms draining off man-made surfaces could flood small rivers. To meet local authority discharge consents.

The Components and benefits Of a Pump Station

Explore the three main pump station types below...

Pump Station Components
Pump Station Parts
Bespoke Pump Parts

which is the correct pump station type for me?

We have carefully selected a complete range of pump stations to ensure we can supply the right system to meet your needs.
Each system is available with a range of pumps and controls

the order process

  1. Design and submit proposal to client
  2. Order is placed to Dura Pump
  3. Drawings are issued to client
  4. The client approves the drawings
  5. Pump Station goes to be manufactured
  6. Delivery is scheduled with client
  7. Client offloads and installs tank
  8. Pre-commission form signed by the client
  9. Dura Pump arranges commission
  10. Servicing/maintenance plan proposed to client
Pump Order Process