Our key aim is to ensure we are the fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.
Our values are paramount to us, so whichever department we work in or meet you in, we will provide you with a friendly, knowledgeable service that can be trusted.

Dura Pump provides commercial and industrial solutions in all areas of fluid handling.

We supply, install, repair and maintain pumps, pump systems, valves, packaged pump stations, booster sets and pressurisation sets to all major industries including facilities management and construction. Dura Pump is the fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.


Our rapid and reliable installation service minimises downtime and maximises efficiency for our customers. All Dura Pump staff are fully insured, DBS checked and trained to work in a wide range of specialist settings. We ensure industry-leading installation standards and unrivalled turnaround times on all pump system installations.


The key to operating reliable pumps is maintenance. Our specialist team delivers pump maintenance services to help prevent downtime, reduce unexpected costs and deliver long-term reliability for your business. With our expertise ranging from full pump services and preventative maintenance to energy saving audits and essential legionella testing, we keep pumps running smoothly for businesses across the UK.


Reliability is key for any pump-operating business. We don’t just fix broken pumps: our specialist team always finds the root cause of the problem and provides a complete solution that’s built to respond to your exact business needs. From minor pump seal replacements and valve restoration, to control fault finding and full pump system overhauls – our repair services guarantee improved efficiency and cost-saving for your business.

Why choose Dura Pump?

When you choose Dura Pump, you’re investing in industry-leading pump systems that are built to stand the test of time. All of our pump systems are custom-fitted to respond to your exact business needs: delivering long-term reliability and energy reductions.

To support our expert pump services, we cover every Dura Pump repair and installation with a 12-month warranty to give our customers ultimate peace of mind and somebody to call upon in the unlikely event of a problem with their pump system.
Now more than ever, businesses are prioritising energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. To help our customers reduce their energy consumption, we offer free energy savings audits on pumps and pump systems as a whole.

Our energy-saving programme provides you with a detailed assessment of your pump system, calculating the amount of time and money that is currently being expended on the system. Once we’ve established the efficiency rate of your pump system, we can identify the most energy-efficient solution with a detailed energy-saving calculation report and payback on your investment.
Did you know pumps currently account for a whopping 10% of the world’s total electricity consumption? Most businesses aren’t even aware of the effect their outdated pumps are having on their energy consumption, but taking small steps towards modernising your pumps can result in significant savings and long-term efficiency for your company.

Through simple pump upgrades and essential maintenance, Dura Pump can help you save an enormous 35% to 40% on energy costs. As a result of our energy efficient pump solutions, our clients have benefited from up to £250,000 in savings in just 5 years, so now is the time to invest in cost-saving solutions that promise energy savings payoff in as little as 6 months - 3 years.
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