Booster Set Servicing and Repair at a Chicken Processing Plant


The Challenge

One of our clients who operates a chicken processing plant uses high volumes of water and therefore has a number of booster sets and washdown systems within its factory. These are all used for varying applications but are all critical to ensure the factory’s output is maintained.

The challenge for Dura Pump is to ensure that the pumps are serviced well and operate optimally. If the pumps fail, this can lead to the factory experiencing downtime, which can cost them thousands of pounds as well as a lot of frustration. 


Our Solution

We provide the chicken processing client with regular maintenance on their booster sets and washdown systems to ensure they are working correctly – this enables us to find and repair any faults before they cause significant downtime in the factory.

Our engineers carry out the following checks on each of the systems during the service visit. 

  • Operate isolation valves and check functionality
  • Check operation of non-return valves
  • Check condition and pressures of pressure vessels
  • Check motor bearings using a vibration metre
  • Check mechanical seal for leaks
  • Physical check of control panel, including condition, switches and earthing
  • Cabling connections
  • Check motor electrical condition where possible
  • Check inverter faults where fitted/possible
  • Check condition of all pipework and manifolds
  • Check overall condition of system as a whole
  • Check fault communication with BMS system where fitted
  • Check break tank and report (where possible)

By doing these tests, we can find out if the pump bearings are about to fail, for example. If they are, we can proactively replace the bearings at a time that suits production demands, preventing a likely catastrophic failure of the booster set and a big headache for our client!

As part of our solution we also provide our Dura Pump Connect system, an  online asset portal that works as one go-to place for all account management. It contains all the details and servicing history of the equipment, so the engineering manager can easily access information regarding any pump systems covered in the maintenance contract.


The Result

As a result, the production plant minimises its downtime and maximises its output without the disruption of any pump failures. As the repairs are caught before they get out of hand, the costs are minimised, saving the company time and money.

This provides peace of mind for the maintenance manager and also benefits the company as their bottom line revenue increases due to maximum output.


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