Prison pump system replacement stops catastrophic failure

The Challenge

Pumps are essential to the day-to-day running of buildings and sites across all sectors but having a pump system you can rely on is paramount; especially in environments where meeting requirements impacts sanitation, welfare and can cause concerning issues with/from the building users.

A category C male prison in Greater London had its pump system serviced regularly through an established maintenance contract. This regular servicing drew attention to the age of the system and the wear that had occurred over its long-term service. Over a long period of time, the cutter pumps in the main sewage pump station were growing tired and overworked, increasing the potential of sudden failure.

Our Solution

Due to the prison’s reliance on the services provided by the pump system (and in any situation), total failure was not an option. The regular maintenance had prolonged the life of the system but had also provided an advanced warning of catastrophic failure. Catastrophic failure could have caused many potentially debilitating issues for the prison but the early warning gave Dura Pump time to find the perfect solution!

The system is a triple submersible pump set up and the existing Landia pumps were ready for their retirement. To offer the best results, we replaced the system with three brand-new Landia DG-I/105 11kW grinder pumps (also known as cutter submersible pumps). Due to our close working relationships with the top pump manufacturers, we know we’re providing top-quality every time to our valued clients.

Landia submersible cutter pumps are exceptionally reliable and provide an excellent solution for dealing with some of the most demanding situations where heavy fibrous content is found within the waste and building output.

The Results

With the new pumps installed and the pump station cleaned out of all debris, the system was returned to its optimal level, providing years more of reliable pumping solutions with minimal breakdowns.

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