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what can dura pump do for you?

We provide a complete range of system accessories from small sealing rings and mechanical seals to large pressure vessels and bespoke tanks for all your fluid control requirements. Our range includes parts to assist in maintaining obsolete systems through to modern state of the art installs. We can;

Pump Station Assessments

Design and specification

Pump Station Replacements

Manufacture spares

Pump Stations


Pump Maintenance


Pump accessories from Dura Pumo

Have you got to the root cause of why your pump has failed?

Pumps typically fail due to a system issue causing damage to the pump, and therefore the pump failing. Finding the cause is key to preventing further failures.

The two most common causes are:

  1. Lack of fluid – pump runs dry
  2. Control failure – pump operates outside of its parameters

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Our range of spares and system accessories

Pump spares and system accessories are a key part of keeping your system operational.
We have carefully selected a large range of components to ensure we can meet your needs from stock.

Manufacturers that we supply spares and parts for: