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Posted On Posted on 22nd September, 2021 by Dura Pump
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Sourcing and installing the correct pump for your application is critical to reducing costs, improving your process, and increasing the life of your system. At Dura Pump, we work with the world’s leading pump suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we always have solutions that meet the exact demands and requirements of our clients. No matter your process, purpose, or premises… Dura Pump has the pump range to guarantee results.

How can Dura Pump improve your business operation?

As a collective of fluid control specialists, we rely on our stock of pump systems for results. We stock a wide range of industry-leading pumps to ensure that we are in the best position to offer a fast, efficient, and high-quality solution. From booster sets to diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps to expansion bellows, our product diversity is always prepared.


No matter your sector, we will assess your specific needs and create a solution with the best pump for the job in mind. Our wide range gives us the flexibility and ingenuity to never compromise. Whether it’s a full system replacement or restoring sections of an existing system, our team will carefully select the best option from many to make sure it fits your budget, the requisites of your process, and any other important factors.

This easy-to-access and high-quality inventory of pumps also ensures that we can get the job done in suitable timeframes. Even our bespoke or order-in repairs and supply pump solutions are made more time-efficient by the professional relationships we maintain with reliable manufacturers. When you choose a pump system upgrade or repair from Dura Pump, you can be confident that our team will do everything to eliminate downtime and keep your process running… after all, that’s what matters most to us!

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What are the other advantages of our wide range of pump systems?

From manufacture to supply, install and commissioning, we try to keep the process seamless. The innovation of many of the products we stock will individually offer lots of benefits for clients, including specific coatings for unique manufacturing demands and pumps designed for energy efficiency.

But it’s not just the primary stages where our variety of pumps has an advantage. Keeping parts and pumps appropriate for your specific system after the installation stage also guarantees that we can rapidly fix any problems that may arise during maintenance or unpredictable situations; this yet again offers peace of mind that your downtime will be reduced, your services will be secure and your business will be protected.

Discover our pumps and pump systems

If your process isn’t running as efficiently as you think it should be or you have a pump that’s at risk of failure, the Dura Pump team probably already have the best solution for your process on hand. We’re proud of what we do and the ranges and brands that we stock. When results matter, Dura Pump get the job done. Contact our team about your project today.



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