Facilities Managers: 5 tips to get your cooling systems ready for summer

Posted On Posted on 1st June, 2023 by Dura Pump

With spring finally here and the days warming up as we approach summer, facilities managers around the country will be getting their air conditioning and cooling systems ready for this period of intensive usage. Here are our top tips for facilities managers to help you make sure everything will be ready for this crucial time. 

Check system pressurisation

The pressurisation of your system is vitally important to get right, too low and the system may simply not work, too high and you are more likely to get leaks, damage equipment, and introduce unnecessary safety risks. It’s a simple step but it must be one of the most important things on your checklist. (Could add something like –the system pressure is controlled by the pressurisation unit, has this sad its yearly serviceAnother tip is to give you pressure vessel a tap, if it sound hollow then it most like okay – if it sound solid then it the air in it need topping up or the vessel it replacing.) 

Check system controls

The control panel that operates your system is one of the most important things to check, because if they are unreliable then it doesn’t matter how well the rest of the system performs! Giving the controls a thorough inspection and testing will make sure they will run your system effectively and efficiently.

Check control and isolation valves

A broken valve can cause the entire system to grind to a halt, and if it hasn’t been operated in many months there is a reasonable chance that they could have seized up entirely. This is also a great time to check the pipework for any leaks that may have arisen since last summer. Don’t take for granted that you will simply be able to open the valves in a months time when you need them, check them all in advance!

Check your circulation pumps are working and servicing is up to date

The pumps are very much the heart of any cooling or heating system, so making sure that these are in full working order is absolutely key. As a mechanical item with moving parts, the pumps, including the electric motors, impellers, belts and so on, getting a full service ahead of extensive use is a good idea to ensure uninterrupted service over the course of the summer. 

Check your pumps are operating efficiently

It’s one thing to ensure that the cooling system is working, but it’s another to check that it’s working efficiently. Are your pumps over-worked? Do you have sensors and controls that can help reduce the workload when it’s not needed? Are the pumps you are using modern versions or are you still using antiquated belt-driven designs? All of these represent an opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient technology, saving you money, better reliability, and reducing carbon emissions. 

If you are in the UK, you can contact Dura Pump to see if you qualify for a free energy efficiency audit.  

In the meantime, download our free energy saving checklist to get you started!

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